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100+ top rated suggestions (2017-2019)

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Wondered about the current state of suggestions and made a quick script to extract and try to group the top rated suggestions into categories.

Split into multiple posts because of length limit.

Sampler / Sampling

1) Automation of Start and End points of a sample and different Looping options
4) Self extending length record Mode
6) External Audio Looper
14) Just plain, simple Audio Thru please!
19) Grain Sampler
23) Arming deluge for record on note entry
33) Pre-roll count in when recording
46) Sample waveform visualization
58) Record start arming. For midi and audio.
60) Beta 2.1 - Setting 'Loop Points' to zero crossing to avoid clicks
61) "Scrub" mode for editing sample start/end points
66) Slice region transient detection
67) Transients slicer mode
72) Count In recording
73) Enable FM synth mode with samples?
80) Ability to automate sample reverse and speed
81) sample selection realtime exchange
87) Deluge firmware to support multisamples
92) Multi-sampling/ velocity layering
103) Slicing using the 2.1 waveform view


2) Compressor
15) Different Kinds of Reverb
32) Show grid as 16 band equalizer
37) Smoother gradient for using saturation
40) Delay times please include dotted variants
65) A Second Reverb
77) Shimmer Delay / Reverb
83) Delay Sync Times - please add dotted options!

Sequencer Capabilities

3) Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view
5) monochrome /single color for tracks
8) Loop Screen / Cycle Region
12) sequencer editing: nudge individual notes left/right
16) True Custom Scales
21) Conditional Notes/Triggers
22) Step automation view / automation drawing (track long envelope drawing).
26) Song Mode - Sections Palette to draw on the grid
31) Song-View: show track “names“
34) "Micro Timing" - (hold note & push-turn up/down knob)
35) Dual-Screen mode (2 different screens on a single page)
43) Horizontal track shifting
48) Sequence/track playback direction options (like Fugue Machine)
52) Fine Note Length Adjustment
59) A 3rd song mode
62) Microtonal Scales
78) Sequence mangling tools in song view for live playing variations.
86) Recording live INTO arranger mode so it reflects a jam timeline
89) Follow the Playhead across to next screen/bar
102) FEATURE REQUEST: Time signature select
110) Track view: Step color reflects velocity not pitch

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