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Sequence mangling tools in song view for live playing variations.

PhilPhil Montréal, Québec, canadaPosts: 76

Song view is kind of under exploited imho.

Deluge could benefit of some straight forward way to make variations out of existing sequence right from the song view.

By that I mean some tools to allow on the fly:

  • Definition of start and end of loop region for each sequences.
  • Ability to change speed of sequence e.g.: /8, /4, /2, x2, x4, x4...
  • Ability to play forward/reverse
  • Define active steps / step jump of live pressed steps (in combination with zoom level would be AMAZING) like Korg Volca serie.

I made an other thread suggesting this but could only get a -1. Either I wasn't clear and someone didn't get what I meant or he or she is just against some kind of progress.

I heard that deluge focus was on live performance. These would fit very well in that perspective.

Any thought other than a simple -1 ? :wink:

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    PhilPhil Montréal, Québec, canadaPosts: 76


    Don’t you miss some way to bring instant crazy jamming variations?!

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    HollexHollex FrPosts: 5

    +1 ;)

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    SpiderLabSpiderLab Byron BayPosts: 15

    I agree. Currently if planning long jams my 'randomness' is pre-meditated via the Song and Arranger modes. It would be nice to find a groove and slowly shift and cook it on the fly :-)

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    amiga909amiga909 SwitzerlandPosts: 680

    Interesting ideas for sure! I fear they are hard to implement. doing all 4 permutations on the fly gives major headaches how to deal with sync. You need to do a manual stop/start at some point when you want get back to your original composition. Or some clever feature on the Deluge to kind of re-sync tracks nicely (Mungo Box Sync feature).

    From a GUI point your suggestion should not be limited to song mode only. If you can e.g. reverse a track you will want to still hear it play in reverse when u enter track mode.

    I am well aware not everybody might have the need to re-sync, surely ok for experimental or ambient kind of music.
    So, I reverse, loop whatever on track 1 which is 1 bar track. let's say there is a track 2, also 1 bar. first step of track 1 won't be played at the same time first step of track 2 is played. How to get back the sync? I used the loop feature on the xoxbox live for a few times and even worked with a Mungo Sync Box once. It was cool for some effects but for now i rather preprogram the variations i want. I still use the feature to explore variations quickly though (eg. how does it sound when i loop step 8-12).

    above all, great idea for live performance and fun. however, imho should not get top priority as it seems hard to implement and there are so many requests that should be easy to implement, got massive votes and were not adressed for a long time.

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    ws9848ws9848 sacramentoPosts: 2
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    Other sequencers can do this type of thing and I have considered selling the deluge to get one but hopefully this can be done on the deluge.

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    mcpepemcpepe Marbella, SpainPosts: 64

    In my opinion, all tools/improvements done to live playing are welcome. This kind of tools are very fun to play with, in a live enviroment.

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    JRatronJRatron United KingdomPosts: 7

    Yes, this would be great. I have a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-33 sampler and one of the joys of it from a performance perspective is the 'FX' capability which provides 16 different mangling, stuttering, reversing type effects for applying realtime

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    vygervyger Portland, OR USAPosts: 12

    Agreed, I end up creating extra tracks that have slight variations (either randomized or ratchets or whatever) and then manually swapping between them. It would be much quicker if I could just apply quick and dirty sequence effects to a track instead.

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    OdoSendaidokaiOdoSendaidokai BerlinPosts: 123


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