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Show grid as 16 band equalizer


Only having high and low on the EQ isn't really cutting it, so I was thinking about the possibility of a button combo to show the grid as a 16 band EQ for whichever sound is highlighted, thus offering much greater control over sounds....and when in song view it could work as a master EQ too.


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    This view could also work for automations.

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    I just posted suggestion for automation the 16 band EQ eats too much CPU power,, like ANA delay ... it would cut down polyphony ... but if we had Q as parameter on two bands that would help too

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    Why would it use too much CPU? In Ableton you can throw on hundreds of EQ's with barely any loss in processing compared to using synths...and Synthstrom say that the 2.0 update will add "30-50% more CPU power".

    Either way we really need a better EQ on the Deluge, the current one feels like an afterthought.

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    Would be great to have a grid based 16 band EQ on the Deluge....currently I'm having to export the stems out of the Deluge just to EQ them in Ableton which is a bit annoying...would love to just be able to do the EQing on the Deluge.

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