Copy and Paste function


If we could copy and paste the part of the song we had in our current view, that would be great. For me it would save a lot of monotonous pad pushing.


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    rpc9943rpc9943 New York usaPosts: 132

    it would be really cool to have a "selection mode" on, and then be able to turn the < > side arrow knobs to define its start and stop, what would be really cool is if we could use it to capture a section and then use it as a phrase for an arpeggiator or something :)

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    maimai Posts: 15

    +1 for copy/paste bars or the current screen. If we could copy/paste a specific selection, it would be also very helpful.

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    VoltVolt Posts: 14
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    Please implement copy and paste bars. Also copy and paste whole tracks to other "songs" (save slots like 1A) would be very helpful.

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    yorgosyorgos greecePosts: 13
    this is an implementation suggestion i've had in another thread:
    Insert paste for part of sequenced notes on a track
    This can be made in the following way:
    Ability to copy zoom region and then paste at the end of a newly selected zoom region.
    Possible shortcuts: shift+down left black encoder to chose and the same to paste.
    Any suggestions that would make this work more efficiently are more than welcomed.
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    rpc9943rpc9943 New York usaPosts: 132

    I have been thinking of this actually, I think that this would be even better than a "new song mode", currently. I think if we implement "duplicate insert current screen" would be awesome as an addendum to this feature request.

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    to build up songs i’m really missing copy tracks to song slots, too.

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