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This is a place to say what features you would most like to see on the Deluge in future. If you have an idea, start a thread on this forum explaining it. If you like an idea, please upvote it so we can see which are most popular.

We already have a bunch of ideas we believe would be able to work on the existing hardware and would love to see featured but can’t offer any sort of implementation timeline just yet, some of these features include:

Copy / load just one track in from another saved song (DONE)
Streaming audio directly from SD card (DONE)
Live processing of audio input (DONE)
MIDI file import / export
WAV file export / mixdown

Also, some really significant additions which we understand the demand for but are not part of our roadmap at the moment, though may in the future, include:
Software editor
DAW integration

for ideas other than those mentioned above, start a thread and tell us what you're thinking.

Ian "Frivolous Features" Jorgensen

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