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Folder structure for organizing presets


With all the awesome synth presets being made I’d really like a way to be able to organize them. Custom folder names would be ideal so you could organize by type or the sound designers name: BASS, PADS, LEAD, KEYS etc.
Even a set/unchangeable numerical structure would be great though.

Obviously songs and kits could benefit from a folder structure as well but synth presets are the most urgent issue that could use a solution.

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    def need as more and more presets are showin up from users and I see it gaining momentun. Kits to need folders and songs too

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    mcpepemcpepe Marbella, Spain
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    Yes. This is a very important feature for a good organization as synth presets and kits are growing more and more.

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    +1, having to listen through ALL the synth presets to find the sound you want is just tedious.

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    fryyyyfryyyy germany

    +1 I'm about to release 100 sample kits and im running out of collision free numbers

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    I don't use presets at all. But would like a file structure for save my own kits and patches.

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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, Germany

    When you start filling up slots it's a pain in the arse to scroll through a few hundred.
    I'd be happy with the song scrolling feature with the <> knob.
    But more folders would be awesome!

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    amiga909amiga909 Switzerland
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    yeah, would be very useful to have for song, synth and kit.

    nice if there was a way to name folders on the machine itself

    GUI control idea

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    This certainly becomes more and more important as preset list grows, so yes please consider this

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    @fryyyy said:
    +1 I'm about to release 100 sample kits and im running out of collision free numbers

    deluge could go kind of hexadecimal automatically

    add A0-A99, B0-B99, Z0-Z99

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usa

    If anyone didnt already know, holding shift while turning the data knob allows you to skip the alphabet iterations, but yes, some extra function like a press down and turn to jump by 10s would be helpfull.

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    Moving synth patches that have already been used in songs will obviously mess the song up, so that's why we urgently need a 'Collect All & Save' function....either that or users would have to mess around editing XML files, or going through all your songs and making notes of any synth patches used....neither of which are desirable workarounds.

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usa

    Yep @cypher79. What ive been doing is to create a song specific folder in the samples directory where i copy all my samples for the project into and make that the pathway. That way, no matter what happens in the main samples folder, as long as my song specific folders name stays the same, the paths and files should stay preserved.
    Its kind of like creating a project sample pool to work from, and then any new resampling or additions just get copied in and then renavigated and saved to from the deluge.

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    @minigoat that's a good idea, I will have to do that :)

    Although I'm kinda hoping they add a file utility to the 2.0 update, don't think there's much chance though

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