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Chord palette + circle of fifths + chord track


With this beautiful grid, it will be nice to have a chord palette (with chords related to the scale chosen in the deluge) + circle of fifths for transposition. Even a master chord track to being able to transpose- re harmonization of all the tracks ( like the master track of the teenage engineering op-z or the squarp pyramid).

Some kind of chord stuff and harmony tools, can enhance the music creation and to kill the writer's block. Having a big grid, makes easy to implement some kind of chord palette.


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    RandomAztecRandomAztec IrelandPosts: 76

    Sounds good any ideas how to implement?
    I would be very interested in this kind of function

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    JscottkJscottk SeattlePosts: 50

    +1 It could be implemented similar to the Kordbot; have a grid of chord voicings/types associated with a block of pads (possibly lit up in a "chord mode") that modulate the notes entered on the audition pads on the right. So if the user holds the pad corresponding with major chords while in chord mode and selects a C3 on the right, the system outputs C3, E3, and G3.

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    RandyRandy AustraliaPosts: 15

    this would be fantastic. it’s one of the few features i love about my MPC live. if my Deluge could do this, i could let go of the MPC and have some room in my tiny studio space :)

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    BloodfishBloodfish Posts: 6

    Great idea - was thinking of getting a Kordbot but 2 month waiting list already. This could work shift + keyboard mode with display showing chord mode type

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    BloodfishBloodfish Posts: 6
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    @alien_brain said:
    is rohan a theory braniac?

    It’s simply data out in the wild - (where you belong)

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