Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view


Today's song view is a bit of waste of real estate. Every track gets a whole row, and there's not much utility in that. Yes, you do see the track length which is nice, but the price of that is, after 8 rows, you're out of space and need to start scrolling.

A better implementation would be like Ableton Live's Session view, where each column represents a track and each row a scene. Each pad would then represent an entire track. Then there could be no need for confusing colors to designate which track belongs to which session. Rather, the "Audition" buttons would be used to launch an entire row


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    JohannesJohannes SwedenPosts: 2

    I really like this suggestion! :)

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    maimai Posts: 9
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    Exactly this I thought since I received the Deluge. Horizontal rows should be scenes and vertical rows should be tracks. With this you have a much better overview (about 16 tracks at once and less of this color confusion). The current song view is a bit unclear and needs a lot of space on the grid (track doubles, variations etc.).

    I would love to see this.. :)

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    HorstmaistaHorstmaista Los AngelesPosts: 38
    Yeah that's a great idea!
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    DocRomplerDocRompler Pittsburgh PAPosts: 18

    This is an excellent idea. It would make it a lot easier to build longer compositions in a more efficient and less confusing way. The color coded audition pad system is really limiting when it comes to setting up additional scenes, especially if you want certain parts to keep playing. The only way to retain a track in a new scene is to duplicate it and this only adds to the track stack. There should be a more dynamic way to go about this, and this idea seems like a winner.

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