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Undo Command


It's quite tricky to record an instrumental synth line first 'pop' - you might hit a bung note, not get it rhythmically perfect, or you might start in the wrong spot - e.g start at beat 3 thinking it is beat one.

It's then a bit tricky to just delete what you just did and do a new take - especially if you're in keyboard mode and say, 64th note zoom quantize mode. In that case you've got to switch back to track mode, switch the zoom to a smaller zoom level, scroll up and down to find all the notes you hit to delete them, then return the zoom to your desired setting and finally re-enter keyboard mode. If you get the take wrong twice in a row this gets a bit frustrating.

If there was an instant 'undo' command that worked like Ctrl Z on a computer - it would make recording takes a bit more fluid.


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    100% agree - wouldn't necessarily have to be a full 'undo', just 'undo record'.

    It's quite easy to forget 'record' is on and completely screw up your pattern while mucking about!

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    The more I play with this thing the more I'm convinced 'undo record' is essential.

    The way it works on the Tempest is nice. 'Undo Record' deletes everything recorded since 'record' was last pressed, so if you record something that you know is a keeper you just toggle 'record' off and on again and you know it's not going to get 'undone'. I find it a very intuitive way to work, though I still manage to screw it up sometimes!

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    palixpalix Ireland

    undo/redo also for synth. its simply nice to have a chance to compare sound in progress of creation.

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