Grain Sampler

FASTFAST CaliforniaPosts: 31

Even a very basic granular sampler would add a lot of sonic potential to the on-board synthesizer. Does the Deluge have enough juice for those types of algorithms?

Am I missing some kind of LFO or delay trick to achieve similar results?


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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayPosts: 230

    For now, you CAN use the stutter effect - catch a piece of audio (press in the gold knob), crank it right up and then resample the output (shift+Record) :)

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    FASTFAST CaliforniaPosts: 31

    The single-cycle waveform approach...not bad. I'm sure that some interesting results can be had this way but it will be a far cry from the glorious organic pads and atmospheres that can be had with algorithms.

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    amiga909amiga909 SwitzerlandPosts: 77

    More synthesis methods would be very cool. Granular and Physical Modelling would be my top picks. Or maybe because Deluge is a sample based machine (for me), I'd go for stuff the Roland V-Synth can do (Variphrase, stuff like formant control).
    However, a full fledged granular synth is likely overkill, the Deluge is not a flagship synth à la Kronos, Montage.. On the other hand it is Rohan, he might surprise us again..

    As requested elsewhere, modulation of Sample Start/End would give us loads of "grain-ish" effects, really hope this is coming up.
    For glitchy/grainy stuff, got some interesting results when fiddling with extreme timestretch settings and resampling.

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    faktoidfaktoid GermanyPosts: 7

    plus 1 for some basic granular stuff :)

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    tacharontacharon HamburgPosts: 20

    The CPU demand for a granular oscillator should mainly depend on the number of grains it can simultaneously produce at a given sample rate. With the Deluge’s impressive number of synth or sampler voices one could think that 8 voices of 16 grain oscillators at full SR should be possible. But that estimation may be far off! ;–)

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