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sample selection realtime exchange

sample selection for drumkits and osc sample with realtime exchange.

- if you change a hihat in play mode changing the sample affect directly the played notes.
- if you cahnge a singlewaveform in OSC synth mode changing the sample directly in the osc instead of playing the wave once
- if you change the sample for drumrack in an empty slot or stop mode normal prelistening.

it would be great for osc sampels / singleslice wavforms. we could directly hear the result instead of a "klick"
also an automation with lfo could be crazy .. :)


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    FASTFAST California
    edited February 1

    Good suggestion!

    It could even be done to where you select the sample as normal which injects it into the beat but the screen doesn't change so you can continue previewing samples if you want.

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    Also the previewed sample follows the kits / synths volume and any effects to be able to audition it properly.
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    hardwarecorehardwarecore wisconsin

    Are we talking about something like on the Octatrack and Rytm, where you can parameter lock which sample plays on a per-step basis? Just looking to clarify that I am understanding correctly on this one. If yes, it's got my upvote, though not an extremely high priority one for me. Reason being that, since kits can have pretty much as many samples as you want, it's easy enough to just add the sample you want to your kit and sequence it on it's own. On the OT and Rytm, you really kind of needed a function like this, since the number of tracks was so limited.

    But don't get me wrong, it WOULD be cool to have this option!

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    dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, Germany
    yes i mean prelistening while browsing and if yo make this like a "parameter" you would have automation for sample exchange. for example lfo or patternlock.

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    LjkLjk Austin Tx USA


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