Multiple tracks assignable to 1 midi channel


Name of the thread says it all, as currently we are locked to 1 track for 1 midi channel like the internal synth behaviour. I believe it should be possible for us to be able to assign multiple tracks to the same midi channel, letting the synth decide which notes it wants to play. This has a big effect for me as I like to often have 1 midi line, and then add in a 2nd to the same synth which would then create a more complex line, usually first like in 4/4, second in 3/4, another in 7/8 etc, so my synth line has a more evolving feel about it.


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    rpc9943rpc9943 New York usaPosts: 118
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    FREE THE MIDI haha the more i think of it the more i agree. Maybe also give us the option...... so that we can set it in a menu to decide the behavior....... Such as.... 1. Single midi per track, if you add copies of it, you can cycle between them 2. free the midi

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    MyrkMyrk Taunton, UKPosts: 57

    Well this is in addition to previous requests to allow multiple midi channels to be assigned to the same track.

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    aquapheraquapher CanadaPosts: 6

    I've had a habit of writing songs using multiple tracks to a singel midi channel. Great way to mixup melodies n such,

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    alien_brainalien_brain DetroitPosts: 25


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