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more LFO shapes

sinknoodlessinknoodles Vancouver, CanadaPosts: 28

random and sample and hold would be nice

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    MarbelMarbel New ZealandPosts: 8

    How about being able to use samples

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    GribsGribs San Ramon, California, USAPosts: 2

    @sinknoodles said:
    random and sample and hold would be nice

    Yes, I was looking for a random sample and hold or random stepped and random smooth LFO request and I think this counts. This is not the same as the random number function which generates a random number every time a voice is triggered.

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    sgsrulessgsrules usPosts: 12

    Yes! Being able to use a sample or use a random waveform would be brilliant. This would be perfect for creating evolving pads and atmospheric soundscapes.

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    tacharontacharon HamburgPosts: 37

    • more waveforms, or
    • a shape / symmetry parameter
    • a start phase parameter

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    drbourbondrbourbon italyPosts: 10

    Please, please re-consider the idea of using note tracking from another synth track as a looping, freely expandable in time, fine-grained as you like modulation source.
    By muting that track, it'd become in fact a control sequencer.
    Usage examples:

    • for moving LFO start phase: standard shifting (moving left-right knob while pushing up-down knob)
    • for free shape LFO: just "draw" your shape as notes in the grid
    • for (pseudo) random modulation: fill the pad grid with random notes
    • for extra-long raising modulator: make a 32bar track, with lowest note in the first beat and highest note in the last (the idea here is that key tracking would interpolate in time between non adjacent step values)

    Wouldn't this expand the deluge modulation capabilities in countless creative ways?

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    single cycle waveforms/ samples as LFO's

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    tacharontacharon HamburgPosts: 37

    There is a dedicated request for "drawable" LFO waveforms here, in case you like to support that:

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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    LjkLjk Austin Tx USAPosts: 61


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