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Keyboard View: map velocity to the 16 side pads


One of the greatest advantage of the Deluge is the fact that it's a powerful, battery-powered, take anywhere groovebox. But, how do you get any kind of dynamics easily when playing chords on a non-velocity sensitive keyboard?

I feel it would be great to use the currently unused pads on the right to control the velocity. This would give you 16 easily accessible levels and a way to visualize the current velocity. And a way to actually perform/record live without a controller and still have some dynamics.



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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware place


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    IcoustikIcoustik Norway

    Great idea :)

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    amiga909amiga909 Switzerland

    Yeah, that would be cool!
    Deluge had pad control for velocity some versions ago. When turning the velo param you could press pads in the 8th column. Still sad this was removed - due to UX considerations afaik.
    Would be very nice if this was available for all params. For example Stutter would do great with pad control that offer 8 or 16 fixed values.

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    I like the idea. Though I also love the idea that the 16 button are for playing fixed chords (maybe also learnable). So, I would say the 16 buttons should be switchable between velocity and chords - or a 8 buttons velocity, 8 buttons chords compromise?

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    o0_o0_ SANTA MONICA

    Sure, personally, I find the isomorphic keyboard really good for learning chords, since the chord shape never changes, and inversions are really easy ( go 3 pads diagonally to transpose an octave ). So I don't really feel the need to have chord memories, but everyone is different.

    What I really miss is a way to quickly play with some sort of variation, without resorting to modifying the sound matrix, and without using an external controller, since the Deluge is not a USB Host.

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    EarthCryEarthCry Asheville NC

    Fantastic idea. There needs to be a faster way to get to velocity +1

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    PhilPhil Montréal, Québec, canada

    8 chord pads + 8 velocity!

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    8 Aftertouch 8 Velocity

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