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Transmit MIDI Pitch Bend and Aftertouch


Title says it all really - the ability to sequence pitch bend and channel pressure/aftertouch as we can with other CCs.

I can't be the only one who uses pitch bend a hell of a lot. Pitch bend and aftertouch are also 'hard wired' to key functionality on certain hardware (e.g. Sherman FIlterbank) and are often supported on devices that only support a narrow range of MIDI control parameters (e.g. DSI Tempest).

If there's a problem storing the higher bit depth values per step then I don't really see an issue with having 'bit reduced' versions - at least we can then use them!

Personally I don't see a pressing need for polyphonic aftertouch but others may disagree.

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    PancitoKill85PancitoKill85 Buenos Aires ArgentinaPosts: 8

    If it could at least receive and send the pitch bend from external controllers, it would be a good first step, wouldn't it?

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    gtrmstr53gtrmstr53 Posts: 11
    edited March 2018

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying a Deluge to use as a sequencer for my hardware synths, and would need it to receive, record, and transmit pitch bend/aftertouch data (and mod wheel/velocity). Am I following correctly that right now if I hook up an external keyboard and set up a midi track on the Deluge, it won't record pitch bend/aftertouch data into the sequencer? Or will it record the data but can't transmit it out of the Deluge? Finally, is mod wheel/velocity data treated any differently?

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    GrappaduraGrappadura GermanyPosts: 31

    This is also my biggest wish! I have a midikeyboard hooked up to the deluge and its great, but this feature is missing, which surprised me.

    Answer to gtrm: I think it is recognized, recorded, but not transmitted. You can control internal synths with it.

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    gtrmstr53gtrmstr53 Posts: 11

    Thanks Grappadura! That's the picture I'm getting the more I look into it, unfortunately.

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    MK_0MK_0 RPosts: 19
    edited April 2018

    +1 for receiving, transmitting aftertouch and pitchbend

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    AudioroticAudiorotic SeattlePosts: 20

    +1 as well.
    I VERY much desire this feature (sustain pedal data too)

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