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Different Kinds of Reverb


If you're looking for inspiration on different kinds of reverb to implement later on, may I suggest checking out the algorithms that Tom Erbe used in the Erve-Verb by make noise. As far as I understand they are all based on simple delay taps and filters that feedback into themselves, so I imagine they would be light on processor power. He made some Max/MSP and PD versions of the patches and they sound amazing.;idno=bbp2372.2015.054

And, while probably processor heavy, implementing some kind of convolution reverb would be wild. Have a folder where you store impulse responses or use samples recorded directly with the Deluge as impulse response. That would be fun! Ha!


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    tangramtangram Oslo, Norway

    Also see the Oliverb in the alternative Parasites firmware for Mutable Instruments Clouds:

    (clouds folder, I presume, but note the licensing)

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    sinknoodlessinknoodles Vancouver, Canada


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    sinknoodlessinknoodles Vancouver, Canada
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    Please please please do make improvements to the reverb, and offer different kinds , spring would be great , maybe plate, etc. I find as I get more familiar with the unit I'm using it less and less as IMO it sounds unconvincing and cheap most of the time. As there are no individual output for tracks , i feel quality reverb is a must. Great job on the delay though ! I do love all the weirdness happening at low rates.

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    A "gated" reverb would be great. Something you could adjust the threshold so it would "slam shut" when the sound dropped below a certain level.

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    This is easily one of my biggest requests. Without having individual outs, I need some flexibility with the reverb that's available so I can set the proper ambience.

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    Yes why would I need to hookup a Strymon or RV-500 to a this nice machine ? BTW try to set SIZE>45 and WIDT < 50 and DAMP < 50 I get a pretty good results ... Somehow the WIDT=50 has strange artificial vibe to it.

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    TactileAFTactileAF Perth, Western Australia

    On board convolution reverb would be incredibly cool.

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