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Dual-Screen mode (2 different screens on a single page)


Currently there are 3 modes (track view, sequencer view and keyboard view) and each mode has its own screen. But what if the user could additionally split the 16x8 grid to an upper and lower part (2 halves with each 16x4)? This would be a very mighty function in terms of overview and workflow, because there are 2 different modes on 1 single screen simultaneously.

For example, the user could decide to split:

track view (upper part)
sequencer view (lower part)
=> very helpful to quickly change the track in the sequencer view and edit it

track view (upper part)
keyboard view (lower part)
=> very helpful to quickly play or record melodies on different tracks

sequencer view (upper part)
keyboard view (lower part)
=> useful to record melodies and to see immediately the recorded notes and to modify them


Many software sequencers have splitted screens for a better overview. Since the Deluge has this great and huge 16x8 grid, it could do this, too. Ableton 10 will finally provide this killer feature on Push (though not really flexible, but at least: sequencer = upper part, keyboard = lower part). I was always waiting that Ableton will implement it, but now I have sold my Push to get a Deluge. And I don’t regret it! ;)


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