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Sequence/track playback direction options (like Fugue Machine)

SavageGordonSavageGordon Boston, USA

Something that would open up a lot of creative opportunity (and I would assume wouldn't take too much development time) would be to implement various playback options for tracks. For instance, you could have a sequence play forward (default), reverse, back and forth, and reverse back and forth.

I started thinking about this when I was using Fugue Machine today, which is one of my favorite sequencers. While multiple play heads is probably out of the question considering the Deluge workflow, that could easily be worked around by simply adding duplicate tracks and changing their settings (which is really all Fugue Machine is doing).

Additionally, the other parameters you can set in that app would certainly be feasible:

  • Tempo: speed of of the playhead relative to master tempo.
  • Start: step at which playhead starts playing the sequence.
  • Invert Switch: if enabled, the sequence will be harmonically inverted. In other words, the highest pitch becomes the lowest pitch, and the lowest pitch becomes the highest pitch.

This could really be a killer feature for the Deluge. I know I would use it a ton, as I'm sure a lot of other would.

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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, Germany

    Sounds really cool to me.

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    palixpalix Ireland

    This could be perfect for live madness . Something like, in song mode, first 8 pads show different sequence directions and other tricks per track in different colours?

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    The spectralis also has this. Foreward, backward, b/f etc... You can also change the resolution of a tracks tempo down to as far as one step moving ahead every 8 full measures. While you can pull off this behavior by making a track a million years long in the deluge - there's something that feels a bit more effecient this way. Input your notes, and change the speed from superfast to super slow (relative to tempo)

    Spectralis also has a 'play once' option per track, which I personally would love to see on the Deluge. 'do not loop'

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    I would love this!

    • Set playback direction per track (forward, backward, back and forth, brownian, random)
    • Set playback speed per track in divisions that make sense
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    Yep, mentioned this a while back in a different thread. I see it being some kinda nested playback mode on the Deluge.

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