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Follow the Playhead across to next screen/bar


if your screen followed your Playhead across to the next screens/bars you have arranged it would help greatly when making full length songs.
also a start playback from specific place like you are able to in a daw would be handy
in a daw you just click a place in your arranged song and hit space bar and the playback starts from there.


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    BobbiPeruBobbiPeru Oakland, CA


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    FrankenlegFrankenleg Rio Rancho, NM, USA


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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandStaff

    You can start playback from any position within a track, just scroll to where you wish to start from, press down the <> knob and push play.

    Ian "Frivolous Features" Jorgensen

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    +1 for view following playhead please

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    llexamllexam USA
    edited May 19

    +1 Playhead/cursor follow is a feature that is expected in a device that advertises itself as a 'sequencer'. Very misleading, unfortunately. Synthstrom should correct this. [edit: as an option against current behavior]

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    jbone1313jbone1313 Tucson, Arizona, USA

    Agree this should be an option. But, I would hate to lose the current behavior, as it too is quite handy.

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