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Complete Audio / Midi Bouncing - Ableton export

dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, Germany

Audio Bouncing.

Bounce All Tracks from a song as independent Wave files as long as they are .. 1 or 37 Bars

  • Option to select with FX or clean.
  • Option to export Midi files
  • individual Loop export to like on Electribe .. ( as far as i know ableton provides the Export / Import features for free )

Label the Files: /Recording/Song 3B/3B_Track_1.wav and 3B_Track_1.mid

thank you :)

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    bracketsbrackets Barcelona


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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, Germany
    I assumed this is what they mean by "WAV file export / mixdown" but now I'm not sure.

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    dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, Germany
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    i agree it is mixdown.. it would be a nice feature. for arranging and automation-war :)
    but plus midi
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    dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, Germany

    only 8 upvotes .. :(

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    Defo need this feature, no idea yet how I'll mix down a full song in its current forum (assuming I use lots of tracks).

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    fryyyyfryyyy germany

    I would rather see a "Freeze" function like in Ableton.
    You can freeze any track which creates a wav file and therefore requires 0 CPU. The wav files of all your frozen tracks would be in the /SAMPLES/FREEZE folder so you can export them easily.

    This way, you also gain the flexibility of saving a ton of CPU power in your songs, as you can quickly freeze and unfreeze tracks.

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    eclipxeeclipxe Irvine, CA

    This is a must!

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