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monochrome /single color for tracks


sam said I should repost here:
Is it possible to make LED colors a single color within a track rather than fading to other colors?
Single colors would make it easier for my weak little mind. Strict color coding is especially useful when beer is added to the equation i.e. impairing vision and increasing disorientation during an important noodling session.

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    So true! Much more easy to remember which track plays which instrument, if not every track looks almost same, color wise. And I don’t see the advantage of multicolored tracks, besides it’s looking nice. ;)

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    trijammertrijammer Auckland

    I like this idea. Could be implemented as a system setting / global option, e.g. COLOurs: STANdard, SINGle.

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    tacharontacharon Hamburg

    As much as I have sympathy for the intention of the currently implemented system of communicating pitch using color – especially in Song view, this is rather confusing in practice. A much simpler system (one track, one color) would definitely help to stay oriented in the Song view of larger projects.
    If the hardware allows it, the Track LED could display the color of the currently edited track while the pads still show pitch color. Else, we may need an Setting menu option to use colors either to identify Pitch, or Tracks, globally.

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    IcoustikIcoustik Norway
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    And a quick tip: Kits CAN have just one color already - make a 'template' empty song with several kits set to specific colors, by holding the audition pads one by one in the kit tracks + hold shift and turn the <>-knob to set each of the pads to the same color.

    When changing kits (presets) the set colors remain :)

    Halfway there!

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    LjkLjk Austin Tx USA


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    amiga909amiga909 Switzerland

    yes. really dont see any advantage to see multi colored tracks in song view. constantly using solo function to remember which track contains what. not even counting in the beer factor :)

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    VJFranzKVJFranzK Los Angeles USA

    once you understand the colors, it could have some value.

    but more choice of color options is great. have it make sense to you

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    Yes please. This so far for me has been the only workflow speed dampener. Quickly being able to visually locate a track while performing would be very handy.

  • 0 soon as you zoom out a few levels, all your neatly colour coded tracks just become solid blocks of white...its really confusing.

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    Trevor_RefixTrevor_Refix BC, Canada

    +1 on this, would love a solid color option

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    muleskinnermuleskinner Bath, UK
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    A big 'yes' from me. Somehow I missed this thread but I started one here that covers this and other issues with colours in the 'general questions' section.

    It makes much more sense to have a single colour per instrument IMO - this could pave the way for much more clarity in the new arranger too.

    At the moment I'm always recolouring tracks just because I've edited the sequence a little bit. It's a real ball-ache.

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    o0_o0_ SANTA MONICA

    I agree as well. Color = Pitch makes sense in in the Track view, when you can actually do something about it. It's probably more useful in the song view to use a single color per track, but still use intensity to convey some information, probably pitch but note could also be useful, since you are likely to be zoomed out in song view

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    amiga909amiga909 Switzerland

    Yeah, due to space limits i think it is just impossible in too many cases to get a helpful overview of a tracks content in song view. The color mix to denote note data does confuse more than it helps unless it is a very simple pattern.

    Better have monochrome. Not sure if pitch should be shown with color brightness/intensity, I'd say no. Better have more distinct colors, I have easily 20 tracks in a song, so a Kick drum Fill track could get a light red color, while all main kick tracks are dark red.

    Above all I think track display in song view should help with following:

    • Indicate Loop Length: already does this nicely with the cursor
    • Indicate if an event is happening. Helps triggering instant mutes/solo for example. Already does this nicely, monochrome would be enough for this. Dont need to know if its a quieter note or a note with another pitch.
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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware place

    Agreed, also for non blank unique instances in the arranger I’d prefer a dimmer version of the original colour rather than white, I think white makes sense for blank instances though.

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    Andy77Andy77 Singapore

    Agree, with choice to select the track colors if possible.

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