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Envelopes (decay time) finer adjustment?


Hi! One thing that I notice almost every time sculpting a sound, is that the difference in sound from "0" to "2" on the Decay time parameter is really quite huge, and it would be great being able to do finer adjustments of the short decay time, to get it where you actually need it to be. Does anyone agree? The result would be a much snappier envelope. This sounds like it could be an easy firmware update? (hopefully!) :)


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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayPosts: 470


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    72versions72versions Auckland NZPosts: 21

    ADSR could have multiple modes:

    • short/medium/long
    • linear/logarithmic/exponential
    • skew
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    MPrinsenMPrinsen NetherlandsPosts: 111


    There are a lot more parameters that could benefit from a higher resolution.

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    madeinspacemadeinspace AustraliaPosts: 5
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    Totally agree I was going to create a post just for that when I noticed yours.

    Yes there is very little nuance between a short and long decay/release time would be nive to tune this as this is crucial in sculpting a sound.

    Also the longest attack is way too short in my opinion.

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    rczrcz NYPosts: 33

    LFO Speed/Depth and Sample Speed Too!

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    MafooMafoo Posts: 47

    +a billion

    I love the synth engine and i get so many interesting timbres with it. I just struggle badly with the lack of musicality in the envelopes. finer adjustments, multiple modes, or being able to draw your own envelopes would be a massive improvement. I'd stop using my DAW completely if they improve the envelopes.

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    NorisNoris AustriaPosts: 19

    Agreed! In common it would be nice if other parameters have a higher resolution too.

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    duelinmarkersduelinmarkers Austin TX USPosts: 42

    When tweaked by a gold knob, many parameters seem to exhibit more precision than the displayed value would suggest. Does anyone know whether these more precise values are persisted with a sound?

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