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  • Sub Bass

    adding a attack to the amplitude envelope (env1) can help, as @LegsMechanical mentioned. however, a more simple way is to set the retrigger phase (shortcut is <3rd from left, 4 down>) to 00 instead of OFF. if you're using two oscillators, you should do that to both (however, in some cases, that may make some unintentional changes to the overall timbre of the synth patch depending on how you are interacting with those oscillators)

    the deluge will play waveforms with the phase always in motion when retrig phase is OFF. what that means is that the sine wave can be triggered at places where there is already amplitude information, it will play anywhere within the cycle of the sine shape. if it's above or below the zero-crossing, then you will hear a blip. same thing can happen when you have a sample that ends before the sound has faded out, in this case the blip would be at the end.

  • Automation View Mode

    Merged with Community Firmware!

    This feature's implementation started with @seangoodvibes
    Main GitHub DocumentationGitHub Pull Request Info

    Automation View Mode
    Automation Instrument Clip View is a new view that complements the existing Instrument Clip View (which is accessed by pressing the Clip Button). It allows you to edit automatable parameters on a per step basis at any zoom level.

    Discuss this feature, provide video/audio examples, etc.

  • Master Compressor

    Merged with Community Firmware!

    This feature's implementation started with @Alter
    GitHub Documentation | Documentation 2

    Master Compressor
    Allows a-per-project master compressor to be enabled and fine tuned.

    In Song view, select 'Affect Entire' and SIDECHAIN modulation button, and adjust the upper gold knob. Push the upper gold knob to switch to the next setting (Threshold (dB), Makeup Gain (dB), Attack (ms), Release (ms), Ratio, MIX). The LEDs next to the knob act as a gain reduction meter.

    This compressor function can be turned on/off in the runtime feature setting.

    The button combinations and display in the video are different from the current implementation.

    Discuss this feature, provide video/audio examples, etc.

  • How do I slide everything to the right so I can add notes at the beginning?

    to slide notes you click and hold down the up/down encoder then turn the left/right encoder to slide, it can wrap around so if you slide counterclockwise it will start appear at the end of your clip.

    you most likely have to increase the length of the clip so then you can make room for the verse ur saying you want to add. do that by holding shift+turning the left/right encoder clockwise (you can also click and turn counterclockwise on the same left/right encoder to zoom out so you can add larger amounts of bars faster.)


    @mcpepe said:
    I also get the "Error" message when trying to upload. My only .bin file in the root fólder is the 4.0 firmware .bin file.
    What can I do?

    any chance you're using mac or ipad? i think sometimes hidden .ds_store files can appear when accessing the sd card from those operating systems, if those files exist on the root maybe it causes problems? did u add any other folders to the root sd card?

  • Alternate Tunings

    Looking forward to it. I saw that Rohan has uploaded the beginning stages of his implementation, interesting to hear the challenges that will occur with FM.

    As for the Menu for selecting the Scala files. I see Rohan implemented a new Song View menu which I think would work well, (a Song View menu could possibly line up nicely with introducing new Song-Level features like being able to change the normal Song View FX parameters) I was also thinking, something like Load+Keyboard could be a shortcut, possibly saving time if the Song View menu continues to get populated.

    I think there's use cases for wanting to search through hundreds of scales and also wanting to just play them on the keyboard to know what to select. Perhaps the Song View Menu could be searchable (since there is no keyboard view in Song view) and if you do Load+Keyboard in clip or keyboard view, it's playable but not searchable? Actually, since audition pads are still available to play in Clip view, it could still be searchable in Clip View, but in keyboard view it is only playable.

  • Deluge software suggestion category doesn't appear when pressing the 'Discussions' link up top

    This has been taken care of :)

  • Sequence playback glitch?

    ah i did watch that video when you posted it, but spaced out since then. it certainly is an odd behavior.

    when it get's to that state, you usually save and then restart the deluge to have it play normally. could you save and the just load the project from the newest save without powering off/on? basically want to know if timing issues are present after reloading a project, you could even try loading a different project first then back to the newly saved one, could be useful.

    also could you remove any MIDI (USB/DIN) cables and replicate the issue? just think it would be good to rule out other things messing with the clock/timing/etc.

  • Change track colour in Song View?

    Here's a workaround to get monochromatic colors for clips in song view:

    1) Enter clip
    2) If synth, scroll to a very high note, if kit, make a new sample at the highest row.
    3) Mute the high synth note row or sample row.
    4) Place a note on the first beat of the sequence, hold the note for the entirety of the clip.
    4b) For kit row samples, set the sample to stretch first, then extend the note for the entirety of the clip.
    5) Exit clip view and see how the row in song view is lit only that highest note's color. Since they're muted they won't play or conflict with the sequence.

    1st pad will be brightest color, the rest will be same color slightly faded. If you wanted to have only bright colors, then you can enter notes at every step, but if you zoom in, there will be gaps!