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  • Why is the Deluge being ignored by the big music tech sites?

    Because I'm not sending them Deluges :) Because we don't even have enough to sell to people who want them who are definitely the priority.
    We don't care if sites don't talk about us.. We care if users do.

  • 3.0 feature tease #2: Live Looping

    At Superbooth 2018 we unveiled the ‘arranger’ for the Deluge - a suite of features offering a brand new approach to complex song composition on a stand-alone piece of hardware.

    Well, for Superbooth 2019, Rohan has gone above and beyond, creating another inventive and entirely new way of interfacing with the Deluge. We are over the moon today to announce that the Deluge synthesizer, sequencer and sampler is soon to also be... a looper!

    We asked some friends to have a jam on the alpha firmware and they show a glimpse into what is possible. You can find links to all four videos in our newsletter ( if you haven’t received it in your email.

    There will be further videos made at Superbooth (May 9-11) which will further explore the workflow and show just what is possible.

    Please don’t ask us if it does this or that - we’ll have more details soon. We’re just really excited and wanted to share this with you as soon as possible.

    Click here for full newsletter

  • 3.2 Firmware Tease (Wavetable)

    Time to soon dust off that Wavetable shortcut on your Deluge :)

    Still no release date for 3.2, haha, "soon".
    Another big feature tease in a week's time. Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

  • Important information on our new focus on these forums and the temporary removal of feature requests

    Sorry Kenn :( we won't be sharing our dev plans, for many reasons.

    • Many people just don't understand the time dev takes, even with "simple" things and workflow enhancements, some items have been on the agenda for close to 5 years. Our plan is a living and breathing beast and is absolutely liable to change at any given moment or head off in different directions.

    • We just want people to stop waiting, to stop waiting around for a feature that might be years away or never come, we don't want people breathing down our necks or harassing us or getting frustrated because their idea of what we should be doing is not what we're doing. Haha, we just want people to enjoy the now, to play on their Deluge and to treat updates as gifts, treats and places to take them in new directions or streamline their workflow - not the be all and end all of their ability to create music.
      If we had a list of stuff we are planning to work on but not guaranteeing, all it will do is simply create an even greater conflict within the community where people debate the merits of dev over other dev and complain about the popularity of certain things or try to bolster their particular workflow as being more important.

    • We want to enjoy being on our own forums and we can't do that if people are constantly pestering us. Haha, people are always sliding in requests - subtlety or not so subtlety (lol, did you really just shoehorn in some requests into a discussion about why we're removing requests? :D haha, I love the cheek so will leave those up for the short term, but yeah, will prob edit/delete at some point to keep in with new policy ), and publishing a list of just a bunch of things will only make the debate much more intense.
      We just want to chat and enjoy the Deluge with people but frustratingly keep having people wedge their requests in-front of us and all it does is makes us feel bummed, bummed that people aren't having the best experience.
      We did it to ourselves :) We built an awesome machine and awesome community filled with people who care intensely about it, we love the passion that people have, but we also just want to feel like we can hang out with our community and not feel constant pressure.

    We hear everything, we know everything, we know all the gripes, haha, I hear them in my sleep, one persons "all it needs is this" is another persons "what a waste of time". We've proved our commitment to development and refinement - now is the time for peeps just to sit back, chill, make some music and let us do our thing for a while. We've heard everyone, now give us the space to make it happen :)

    Lets instead talk about stuff like playing shows in this new world, how to make great presets, how best to release songs, how to talk with labels, great free software synths, how to master for release, how to perform live on a deluge, how to speed up writing in the arranger, best hardware partners for the Delly, how to make videos that aren't just "hands on gear"... lets share songs and videos, share presets and samples, share tutorials and hacks, lets get creative, lets have fun and have some interesting discussion :)

    Personally I feel that so many people are so hung up on a feature or two that they're letting the world go by and that these forums should have been a place where all users made each other better by sharing awesome tips and workflow rather than getting anxious over why something isn't happening as fast as they'd like.

  • Important information on our new focus on these forums and the temporary removal of feature requests

    Something we've been wanting to do for a while as a company is wean off our reliance on Facebook as a way of keeping in touch with our community.

    Though we will continue to use Facebook, we will be reducing the time spent on it and making some major changes outside of it.

    The reason that we enjoy spending more time on Facebook than our own forums, is that through our moderation we kept people from constantly making requests and derailing conversation. This has led to the Facebook groups being a much healthier and supportive place for general discussion about the Deluge, and we wish the same for our own forums. 

    To make this happen, we'll be implementing a few major changes.

    1. We'll be archiving the "feature requests" forum and removing all discussion related to feature requests for the next 12 months.

    We already have a firm plan in place for development for the next couple of software updates, we'll re-instigate this forum and invite user input once more after then.

    You are more than welcome of course to discuss this kind of thing on discussion groups we don't moderate such as the Deluge Discord, Deluge Users SubReddit or 'Open' Facebook Group

    2. We'll be moving our beta-testing off of Facebook to our official forums.

    We will be requiring evidence of Deluge ownership to be able to take part in that new program.

    If you wish to be a beta tester on our official forums, you will need to verify identity this way:

    Send Deanne an email ( with
    1) Your Synthstrom forum username (not FB)
    2) email address you signed up to the forums with
    3) a photo of your Deluge along with a piece of paper with your forum username written down on it.

    3. We'll be placing renewed focus on our support through the forums with a new 'Help' category, where we have advanced Deluge users organised to respond to any questions, basic to advanced within 24 hours - or they will escalate to our attention

    4. Rohan, Ian and other members of the Synthstrom crew will be much more active than previous.

    This isn't us saying goodbye to Facebook, we know for many that it's the most convenient way for you to keep in touch with us, this is simply a new commitment to our own forum community.

  • 3.2 Firmware Tease (MPE record and playback)

    A further tease of the MPE functionality in the upcoming 3.2 Deluge firmware. (Release date still TBA)

    In this first part of this video you'll see a Roli Seaboard sending MPE into a Deluge, which is re-outputting it (still as MIDI) to 'Surge', an MPE supporting softsynth. The Deluge can record and playback this data. Will work with MPE supporting hardware synths also.

    In the following clip, the Deluge is recording and playing back the MPE data sent from the Roli Seaboard to control the Deluge's own internal synth engine. In this case, x is controlling pitch and y is moving position within a wavetable (new feature also coming in 3.2). Z, or pressure, is controlling level and filter cutoff.

  • 3.0 feature tease: QWERTY keyboard & new top panel labels.

    Sorry DVB, we don't share our road map, and we won't in the future. We actually look at the Deluge as being an already amazing finished machine. We continually work at developing it further because we love that the UI has so much potential and we believe that it's a better way to exist in this industry - continually making products better, rather than constantly churning out new ones. Also, Rohan loves coding and I love seeing the pure joy in his face when he finishes a new feature.

    We made mistakes early on announcing a couple of things that were on a road map (that, was, hahahaha, a VERY long roadmap) we won't make that mistake again. When things are done, they're done, if they don't get done, they don't get done. We don't feel pressure to do anything or add any particular feature because the Deluge is already a dope device, it was dope when we started selling it for this price in 2016, it's ridiculously dope 6 major updates later at the very same price. We don't plan on putting the price up, yet we plan on adding lots more to it - we don't feel any pressure too, it's already amazing value for money, we do this because we want to. Machines have quirks, they don't always fit in with everyones workflow, sometimes people buy them and they don't do what they think, so they sell them...this if life.

    We try to look after our mental health and be happy in our work, and haha, putting the weight of a massive userbase who are all trying to pull you in different directions with the utmost belief that they each know best and their individual workflow is the most important, is not a healthy way to live.
    Rohan develops as his pace, the ideas/refinements/changes that he wants to implement that are influenced by our community, sometimes they don't get implemented quickly, sometimes they can take years of going back and forth and mutliple iterations, sometimes some come hell quickly. If we have to choose health and longevity over promising people stuff and then stressing out and having angry people because we can't deliver fast enough, we'll go with the former every time.

    Our next feature tease in a few weeks will have one-quarter of our user base lose their fucken minds, (seriously), one quarter be like "that's pretty cool", quarter be like "I might use that sometime" and a quarter "meh".

    Haha, and that's fine with us, and how it should be - we made a machine that does a ton of things - which means it gets used many different ways - which means we can never make everyone happy :)

    I'd simply like to know where it's headed.

    Just assume it's already finished, that way anything that comes is a bonus and you can enjoy each update, rather than live in anxiety over what might come next. The Deluge is fucking awesome, hell fun to make music on, to perform with and anything else is gravy.

    Please just let us do our thing :) We read these forums constantly and look at all the feedback on the features, but people bugging us, will just make the project no longer fun. And trust me, I know the frustration, there are things personally I would love that would make my workflow easier and faster (and I have the ear of the man) but aren't coming that soon (if at all), but fuck it, the Deluge rules and I can still have an awesome time with it, so I get about doing that.

    The OP-Z is a rad device for sure, looking forward to seeing what modules they release, it's an exciting format.

  • Deluge Firmware 3.1 Teaser

    So our hundreds of beta testers have something to do while staying safe at home we moved forward our next firmware release a few months, a little less packed full than usual because of this, but with some exciting new features all the same:) Check out this video showing off some of the forthcoming features of the next release.
    Community legend Leonard Ludvigsen has a few minutes at the end of the clip to show some sequencing and live performance workflow with the new features.
    In beta-testing now, a process which normally takes, around 6 weeks.

  • Important information on our new focus on these forums and the temporary removal of feature requests

    I now realise the trap I have fallen in. Haha, we want to stop talking about features, but now we're having to talk about why we've stopping talking about features, haha, which is more or less just as energy draining.

    I hope people can just accept this is the way it has to be, for our sanity, for our enjoyment of the project, for us to continue to remain passionate. We're making a decision which will strengthen the longevity of this project.

    Imagine you released your passion project and then for the next four years had people telling you all the things that could be better with it. Haha, perhaps after being told 1300 times you could do better (that's just in this ONE place - not to mention over email, on social media, on FB, on dozens of other forums), you might want a little break? That everybody is right about this thing that you made, except you?

    Sometimes you just need to block out the noise, take a deep breath, remember why you were here in the first place and put your head down. We hope that people can just respect our wishes for just a year or so of letting us focus on things and talk about literally anything else, haha, except what bugs them about this thing we make.

    There will always be things that people disagree with Rohan's decisions on - trying to speculate on what he is doing. I believe he has been proven right over and over again. The Deluge remains a killer tool and lifechanging for so many - it is him sticking to doing things at his pace and in the right order that makes this device different to so much else and so important to so many - in many cases what people see are its foibles are actually its strengths. We just hope that people will trust in Rohan's vision and they'll let him steer the ship and they can either hoon off in some lifeboats, or enjoy the rocky trip and hope there are enough vomit bags :)

    Btw, If it wasn't clear, haha, I'm going to be removing posts requesting features, including in this thread:) will start with the iron fist of request deletion tomorrow :)

  • Hey guys it's me DNSB and I'm from the UK! Thoughts so far!

    Chur chur, welcome to the team!

    Haha, so you know, we market very lightly and passively, as we only just keep up with demand as is, if we went out with a big campaign we'd sell out instantly and run out and disappoint people - we went through that cyclical stage in the past and we're trying to just keep in stock constantly now, which is difficult - we don't want to go back to waiting lists again (if we can help it). We basically do what we need to do to keep ticking along. Our videos are DIY because we make them in our lounges on rickety tripods (and then record the audio poorly) :)

    Rather than spending too much energy on visible marketing we spend that time fielding enquiries, engaging in public demos and developing the software, there is truth to the adage that when you make something good that it sells itself. There is marketing going on in the background, but its very different to other companies etc. Ie, you'll see us do things like demos at peoples houses, throw parties, workshops. I just spent today doing around 6 hours of workshops. We do these all over the place. We're a very personal company - we like to sell our devices direct to people and we like to meet people. You'll see lots more of that from us this year through lots of countries - we're throwing a party next week in Berlin with a dozen of our users, we just like hanging out, meeting people and sharing our passion - I'd rather spend effort doing that than anything else, much more rewarding personally.

    I'll be in the UK in late June doing some workshops and events, so maybe see ya there!

    It is still very early days for the forum, we don't have the user base that other product have, plus many users like using the "open group" on Facebook, and hey, if the platform works for them, it works for them.

    Welcome :)