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  • Good point. I'd love the ability to select arbitrary colors mute colors per-track too so we could "label" individual tracks with specific colors (retaining groups as we have them now).
  • I've wanted this for a while too. It'd be great to just press shift+mute pad like we can for tracks.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, that looks like an awesome little box! I may go this route instead... Lots of decisions to make. The Nord Electro is calling my name because it's so self contained/lightweight but it seems like I could save a ton of money …
  • With the discontinuation of production of the OP-1 ( this functionality …
  • Ah thanks, I hadn't seen that second thread. The first one is becoming a long jumble of different ideas (so I felt the conversation would be lost in there) and the second one appears to refer to a midi looper rather than an unquantized virtual tape …
  • @amiga909 said: @Jscottk said: +1 I'd love to see this! There's a discussion of the broader concept of waveform visualization/drawing with the grid here too: …
  • This is amazing! The implementation looks great, and I really love the modifications they made to the design. Particularly tapping a marker and then tapping a column to move the marker is brilliant. I'm blown away that this is becoming a reality …
  • +1 great idea. I'd love to be able to automate track muting as well (so I can set up cuts/drops within tracks easily)
  • +1 I'd love to see this! There's a discussion of the broader concept of waveform visualization/drawing with the grid here too:
  • +1 I'd love to see this functionality implemented in the Deluge. I have tons of fun using my push to make hihat rolls/fills using the 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 etc buttons
    in note repeat Comment by Jscottk June 2018
  • @Klaustrophil said: How does this make sound editing easier? Imagine you have a sample 10 seconds long and within it somewhere you've got a solo that you really like and some other junk that you want to discard (this is the situation I ou…
  • I was thinking today that it would be really cool to be able to edit amplitude values from waveform view. That would allow for drawing arbitrary waveforms and using those as the basis for new synth patches. Perhaps this could be implemented by ho…
  • Good points, it could be really tricky to hone in on a specific zero crossing in a long sample. Agreed that snapping would be helpful. I really like the idea of enabling the snap if the user is holding a button while moving the selection markers. …
  • Ah good point. I hadn't considered that playback would need to be interrupted to perform a save. I suppose it could be implemented in such a way that it waits for the user to hit stop before autosaving a track that's been flagged as containing a …
  • I'm not suggesting that your work would be saved over without your consent, simply that your song gets periodically saved to a new dedicated recovery/autosave slot (which I was imagining at slot -1 or the last slot). You wouldn't be losing any fu…
  • +1 I came here to post the same interview with Aphex twin. I'd love to experiment with micro tonal arpeggios.
  • Awesome, glad to hear you got it working! A synth track is the way to go (for anyone else struggling with this).
  • Ah I think you're running into an issue I saw too. Values set with this technique seem to "stick" until the loop restarts, so you need to add another note where you want the value to return to the original number. In order to "blank" out a step i…
  • Agreed, that sounds great. The process could be much smoother with a dedicated track type for looping/manipulating the line in on the fly. I think even "quantized" line in recordings (like resampling currently works) could dramatically improve the U…
  • +1
    in DEEPER ZOOM Comment by Jscottk May 2018
  • You can nudge by holding the <> knob and turning the tempo knob.
  • Here's the thread I was looking at looks like it's closed but for some reason it's still the first search result in Google when I search "Synthstrom Deluge clear trac…
  • @icoustik fantastic, thank you so much! I tried searching Google for the function and only turned up an old thread from 2017 where people were saying it's impossible. With so many new features being constantly added it can be hard to tell what is tr…
  • Just tried it out and it works! The only change I made to @minigoat's approach is place the sample at C3 (middle C) instead of C2 to play it back unaltered.
  • Thanks, I did a search for it but didn't quite have the right wording.
  • Did you try setting a new synth to type sample (with the "file" parameter set to the sample you want to manipulate)? I was thinking that'd be the best bet for making this technique work.
  • Very interesting, I hadn't seen that before. It seems like a bug so I'm hesitant to base my workflow off of it, but it does the trick for saving particular automation values for monophonic patches. Not sure if it'd work in kit mode though. I'm in…