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  • Just wondering if you ever solved the problem? I'm having similar problems (see further down). Firstly, I imagine you checked the instructions: If you wish to use the Deluge as a syncing leader to send a trigger clock signal to other devices, …
  • @hamptonio said: I'm not an expert, but I think MPE is a pretty minor extension (in terms of implementation/message type) of MIDI 1.0, so it should be fairly easy to use Supercollider or PD with it, like in this example: https://gist.gith…
  • @reza said: i would suggest searching within the XML files of the messed up projects and search something like .wav and find the anomalies that aren't from drum kit files to hone in on what to look for Yes, I tried that, but there's so m…
  • One thing that would be very useful (on the Deluge) is a way of seeing what sound files have been used in a project. Something like the Reaper 'bak' files which leave a trace of your work which is time-stamped. I've sometimes been in a rush due t…
  • Although you're using a Roli Seaboard sending MPE into a Deluge, I imagine that all this could be done using something like Supercollider or Pure Data. Is that correct, or do we (will we) need something else to convert the midi information? Thank…
  • @Affectionate_Bee_781 said: I include a metronome track in all of my song templates. Very flexible metronome! Sounds interesting, can you explain more (please)?
  • That's what I suspected. Thanks.
    in Metronome volume Comment by joesh July 6
  • @Heptagen and @Icoustik, thanks, that's useful to know. Shame it only triggers once (which is quite logical), it would be great to be able to map the volume levels of a sample to the sidechain send levels/parameters. Any suggestions on how tha…
  • @Icoustik said: Audio signals can't be used to trigger sidechain. But you can use silent notes laid out in the same pattern as the external kick drum if you want. Use a sound that sends to the sidechain, put notes into the grid and turn their vel…
  • @Icoustik said: @volsteh said: I think its on synthstrom tv, the FB link is just a calendar reminder? Indeed! Nice, thanks. Actually, I just looked around YouTube and found the individual artists and watched…
  • @Kenoubi, brilliant, I'll have another look at that thanks.
  • Looks interesting, shame it's a Facebook event as I'm not on there (and won't be joining - which from what you say in your session N°2 notes .. is probably a bad thing ). As you said elsewhere, you were hoping to draw people away from Facebook a…
  • More clicks and bleeps with the aid of the Deluge
  • @Icoustik said: "To make a user scale first select root note. Then get out of scale mode. Then enter the keys you want in the grid. Then press scale mode again then it will display either the scale it is in or it will say other." Sorry fo…
  • @manysounds said: @syn44 said: You can definitely make user scales. [...] There are already about 100 scales preset internal also Just to be really annoying I wanted to say there aren't "hundreds of scales" [...] …
  • @jackprada said: Hi, I want to make a 5 note scale however when I try to enter the 5 notes in and hit Scale, it seems to auto fit it to the standard scale. Is there a way to manually set the scale or remove the notes I don’t need from the …
  • Okay, I found it eventually in the manual. If anyone comes across this post (for the same reasons), check page 268 of the Quick Reference Guide under Kit Clips.
  • @Heptagen said: I have developed the habit to keep the volume of every row very low at about one to two LEDs and mix it at that level. That way there's enough headroom and I can do a bit of maximizing afterwards in my DAW. Yes, I also us…
  • Nice teases, do you have any news on a release date for the update yet?
  • @sckdrwr said: I like me some good ambient bleeps and bloops. Yes, I love plenty of bleeps and bloops! Actually, I think it might be a throwback to my childhood (from an English TV program we all watched).
  • @sckdrwr said: It's honestly staggering to me how far you can get with the Deluge without ever having to touch a computer. Firstly, really like your piece, sounds great. Like you, I'm also enjoying 'not' using the computer. Furthermore, i…
  • Seriously good stuff, oh, and the flashing lights aren't bad too!
  • Brilliant, thanks ... I'm watching now, experiment later.
  • @Affectionate_Bee_781 said: @joesh I dig the vibe of that one! Are you using the sidechain to make that kick stand out? Firstly, thanks for your kind words. Secondly, no laughing, but I haven't started to understand how to use the side…
  • @PixelKicker said: I've not heard of Scanner, I will definitely check him out. Thanks for the kind words too! Difficult to recommend anything in particular as he made (makes) so much music. On this bandcamp page it's just his releases, bu…
  • @Heptagen said: Until I realized that I could just use a standard TRS cable from the headphone output on the recording device to the mic or line input on the deluge and just record the snippets that I need [...]. Nice tip, thanks.
  • Great music, I love the atmosphere. I'm sure you already know Scanner, if not check him out as he also loves using voice samples in a similar fashion.
  • Brilliant, I love that type of approach. I always have a Tascam DR-05 with me and record anything I hear, with the idea that maybe I can find a place for the sound somewhere in/on a piece.
  • Here's another try with the Deluge, as @Affectionate_Bee_781 says, it's a great sketch pad. I guess this piece still needs some work, but it's more or less that. Headphones might be useful!
  • Okay, that's it. I'll try that out, I reread the manual a little earlier thinking there must be something I'd missed. Thanks for the explanation, brilliant.