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  • Granular Synthesis on the Deluge

    I found a way to make the deluge do some granular synthesis, something I have missed since the beginning. Quite funny to me that it was there all along. I hope you find this useful.

  • We're OK :)

    @Ian_Jorgensen First and foremost: Thank you for giving us some insight on what is going on behind the scenes! I didn't know whether you were doing exceptionally great or bad (and I was not the only one to wonder about that), so this cleares things up big time.
    Oh yeah and congrats on your popularity and success! I totally get where you're coming from when trying to slow down the sales. It's still funny. I kinda like it that it's such a human response instead of going full business mode. Such an Ian thing to do. ;) I hope that you find a way to deal with the "too much work" problem in a way that sits right with your team, yourself and your customers alike.

    Here are my two cents on the communication: To me little signs of life every few days are more valuable than long periods of total silence followed by a wall of text. At my job I have to communicate with customers and the thing I've noticed is that projects are allowed to take waaaay longer and people are far more patient if they get a message every once in a while - it doesn't even matter that much what it says. A small question or stating that we're on it and making progress, stuff like that.
    In my opinion, you could take social media way lighter than you do atm. Stream is down and you're on vacation? Small tweet / IG post: "Stream is having technical difficulties, will be back on in two weeks." And not worry about it anymore. Things happen. To know that you're aware takes all tension out of it.
    I'd love it if you posted on instagram every once in a while, just some lighthearted and mundane things. A pic of the place where deluges get repaired. Show us your workshop pet. Some (mildly) interesting facts about the company or the deluge. Just don't sweat it, it's not about polished PR but to show that you're still alive and well. Would emphasize that synthstrom is a collective of humans, not just a faceless business.

    About the platforms: Everyone has their own preferred platform and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. It's impossible to make everyone use one platform. That said, your move away from facebook to this forum was absolutely correct, very necessary and so so good! This works so much better as an archive and a knowledge base. That's something that fb, discord, and ig can't offer. If someone wants more immediacy and the freedom to get off topic, join the discord. (Though I REALLY wouldn't mind if you found a way to switch the forum to discourse, I love that software!)

    people tend to be politer when emailing me than when commenting indiscriminately and anonymously online

    Please don't let it get to you what people on the internet say. A lot of times there are just some misunderstandings or someone just had a bad day or was drunk posting. I'm happy for you that you realize when you get stressed and react accordingly. Nobody benefits from it if you snap or burn out. Maybe you could pass the day to day social media stuff to someone else in your crew? Just a thought. I think it could help.

    I'm wishing you and rohan and the rest of your team all the very best and I'm excited for the months to come! Stay strong and have fun!

  • About that display...

    I keep stumbling upon peoples complaints about that tiny display and how the deluge would be perfect with a bigger one and more information on it.

    I just really feel the need to express my utter satisfaction with the display, in my opinion it is one of the key features of the unit. You see, when I researched different grooveboxes my head spun with all the facts and details about the different units, so I took a step back, grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down why I wanted to have a groovebox and which functions it should have.

    And pretty quickly I realized that the main reason to go dawless was to get away from that damn screen because it totally screws up my creativity. Theres just something about screens that switches my head into a different mode thats pretty useless for creative processes.

    As soon as I understood that, the question of which groovebox to pick got a whole lot easier: An MPC One was no option because of its display and menu diving. Same with the Polyend Tracker.

    Since having the deluge, making music feels like playing an instrument again, instead of working in an office.

    So Synthstrom, take my heartfelt THANK YOU for that tiny display and keep doing what you're doing. You're definitely on the right track and so good at staying true to it.

    Feel free to disagree, but lets spread some positivity! :smile:

  • Please sign up to our Beta Testing Group if you wish to take part

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  • Two Deluges?

    I don't have two deluges but when I try to build a set of tracks intended for seamless live performance it would be awesome to have two deluges with a mixer in between to use them like a DJ setup. Cue the synths of the next track on deluge 2 while only the drums of the previous track play on deluge 1 until they fade away and such.

  • Line In

    Create a new row in song view (like you would when you create a new synth track), then in song view hold a pad of said row and press the select knob. It says "Audio1". Then you can set the input by holding the button "learn/input" and then pressing the audio track row. It will say "left", which is the left channel of the line in but also the built-in mic if no cable is connected. You can scroll through the options, every option with a dot at the end ("left.") means the input gets also routed to the output for monitoring.

    You can read about it all in chapter 9.6 of the deluge manual, page 175

  • Velocity Sensetive Pads

    It's impossible. OP-1 solved this as an afterthought via the built-in gyroscope which registers the vibrations of the impact if you play a key, but deluge doesn't have a gyroscope.
    If you love the keyboard layout, take a look at the linnstrument. There are quite a few people with deluges and linnstrument.

  • Synthstrom Deluge & Kaossilator Pro - Progressive Jam

    @TYDE Thanks for bumping this thread, I didn't see it the first time around and now I'm going through your soundcloud and I really like what I'm hearing! Good job!