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  • About that display...

    I keep stumbling upon peoples complaints about that tiny display and how the deluge would be perfect with a bigger one and more information on it.

    I just really feel the need to express my utter satisfaction with the display, in my opinion it is one of the key features of the unit. You see, when I researched different grooveboxes my head spun with all the facts and details about the different units, so I took a step back, grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down why I wanted to have a groovebox and which functions it should have.

    And pretty quickly I realized that the main reason to go dawless was to get away from that damn screen because it totally screws up my creativity. Theres just something about screens that switches my head into a different mode thats pretty useless for creative processes.

    As soon as I understood that, the question of which groovebox to pick got a whole lot easier: An MPC One was no option because of its display and menu diving. Same with the Polyend Tracker.

    Since having the deluge, making music feels like playing an instrument again, instead of working in an office.

    So Synthstrom, take my heartfelt THANK YOU for that tiny display and keep doing what you're doing. You're definitely on the right track and so good at staying true to it.

    Feel free to disagree, but lets spread some positivity! :smile:

  • Bug report: Error in the logo

  • ANDREW HUANG - Top 3 Portable Music Devices May 2021

    Finally! Andrew had a deluge for such a long time I was wondering why he didn't mention it anywhere. The deluge can't get enough exposure by the big guys like Andrew Huang, Jeremy Blake and such. This makes me happy. :blush:

    It's kinda strange though how often I hear something about the learning curve being steep. I was making tracks within minutes of owning my unit. I don't think it could be much easier to understand the basic functions. And the shortcuts on the grid are not complicated or a hindrance, they are the bomb, I NEVER use the drill-down menu.

    Did I get everything in the first days? No I didn't. But I also didn't need to, because even if I only understood and used 5% of its functions I was still able to make music using that. And every function I discovered on top was an inspiration for another track, an opportunity to mix things up and try something different. It still happens. And ultimatively it will keep happening with the upcoming updates. (And honestly, once I understood the first 5%, the rest was just a matter of knowing it's there. The workflow is so coherent, the deluge pretty much explains itself. )

    I think people say the deluge is complicated either if they

    a) expect to understand every single detail instantly, because they think that they need that to make good music. Which is a misconception.

    b) start making music expecting the exact same workflow and functions of a complete daw and then get frustrated if some details don't work the way they thought it would so they have to look for workarounds.
    What I did instead was approaching the device with the mindset of: I wonder how I sound like using this instrument. And I was pleasantly surprised! I made music I otherwise wouldn't have. I would sound completely different using an OP-1 or an op-z or a tracker. I'd even sound different using different daws! A pianist would have a bad time if he expected to make the same music using a guitar or a flute.
    So just chill, go with the flow and enjoy the ride. :wink:

    (Sorry for the long post nobody called for. :lol: )

  • All this Time...

    For anyone looking for the solution to this: automation affects all instances of a clip. That means that if you want one instance to be louder than the other, you have to make one of them a white instance by holding the pad and pressing shift.

  • 3.2 Firmware Tease (MPE record and playback)

    @ctornieri I'd say that it's very very unlikely and if you're thinking of buying a deluge in the hopes that this will come in a future update, you shouldn't buy it (yet).

  • Wunschgedanken - a lofi / chill EP

    @tamlyn thank you! 😊