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Unanswered Discussions "5"

untreeduntreed Beta Tester Posts: 19

Hi there, it's more of a current forum flaw displaying wrong information, so there is no real fit anywhere in the forums as far as I can see.

Here is the following:

When I click on, it does display the following four discussions (even though it's telling me there is "5" waiting in the category):

All of them had some interaction in the past, and there is no chance for me to get rid of them from that "unanswered" list. I wondered if this is just something I experience, and of course, maybe there is a way to improve the function. I saw another user's screenshot that also displayed "5", so I thought this happens for everyone. :)


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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 614

    cheers. have fixed that, not sure what is going on with the one that is still there...seems a bug?

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    untreeduntreed Beta Tester Posts: 19
    edited June 2021

    Not sure if this is related, but according to the forum, I do have a post count of 6, but according to my own count, it is 3 only (with one being a double-post). Something's odd with the numbers. :)

    EDIT: After this was posted, my postcount went from 6 to 8 (with only this one post being written).

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    o_oo_o Beta Tester Posts: 28

    On a similar note, every time I log in I get a notification "You've asked questions that now have answers. Make sure you accept/reject the answers." When I click it, it goes to "My Discussions" where there's only this topic in the list, and it doesn't have answers.

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