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Tape loop simulation

JscottkJscottk SeattlePosts: 51
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One of my favorite features of the OP-1 is the ability to record unquantized directly into the tape timeline. It lends a sort of humanized sound to pieces and affords some interesting opportunities and happy accidents when combined with cutting and pasting functions.

I've been thinking lately that the main thing missing from the Deluge for me is some simple/easy way to record and loop audio on the fly, and when I began to imagine a tape loop mode for the Deluge I realized that it could solve that problem well and compliment the other functionality of the Deluge.

I'm imagining a scalable timeline with different tracks represented as different colors and markers indicating the loop points. I'm imagining that we'd need a function to quickly jump to the start and end points of the loop (perhaps a quantized "jump" achieved with shift+ click left/right knob) and perhaps holding shift+rotating left/right knob would allow for moving the cursors to particular quantized spot on the grid.

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