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  • Korg M1 T1/T2/T3 - All Legendary Sounds and Expansions for deluge 1.x

    The Legendary Synth now for Deluge. Sampled by 0on3. Made with the DELUGE KIT GENERATOR.

    KIT800.XML to KIT896.XML All sounds are DRY, apply FX to your own taste.
    (Make sure you don't overwrite any of your kits accidentially between numbers 800 and 900)
    SONG080.XML is mapped to MIDI CH 9.


    T1/T2/T3 Expansion

    PATCH LIST: (Patch 0 = KIT800.xml)

    0 12-Strings
    1. A.Bass
    2. Analog Bass
    3. Angels
    4. Bambu Trem
    5. Bell Ring
    6. Block
    7. BottleBell
    8. Bottles
    9. Brass 1
    10. Brass 2
    11. Choir
    12. Clav
    13. Cloud Nine
    14. Digi-Bells
    15. Digital 2
    16. Digital 4
    17. Digital 5
    18. DistGuitar
    19. Double Reed
    20. Dream Pad
    21. Drop
    22. E.Guitar 1
    23. E.Piano 1
    24. E.Piano 2
    25. E.Piano 3
    26. E.Piano 4
    27. Finger Snap
    28. Flexatone
    29. Flute
    30. Frettless
    31. FV Wave
    32. Good & Bad
    33. Guitar 1
    34. Guitar 2
    35. Hammer
    36. Harpichord
    37. Hells bells
    38. Hold...
    39. Kalimba
    40. Koto Trem
    41. Lore
    42. Magic Organ
    43. Magic Piano
    44. Magician
    45. Metal Hit
    46. Mono Synth
    47. Mute Trp
    48. Nimbus
    49. Oberture
    50. Ooh# Ahs
    51. Organ 1
    52. Organ 2
    53. Pan Flute
    54. Pan Mallet
    55. Pan Wave
    56. Piano 8
    57. Piano 16
    58. Pick Bass
    59. Pick Guitar
    60. Ping Wave
    61. Pipe Organ
    62. Pluck
    63. Pole
    64. Pop
    65. Rhythm
    66. Rock Guitar
    67. Sitar 1
    68. Sitar 2
    69. Slap Bass
    70. Soft Horns
    71. Solo Sax
    72. Solo Synth
    73. Stratos 2
    74. String Rise
    75. Strings
    76. Surprise!!!
    77. Symphonic
    78. SynMallet
    79. Synth Bass 1
    80. Synth Bass 2
    81. Synth Brass
    82. Synthbass 3
    83. Tenor Sax
    84. Timp & Bells
    85. Trumpet 2
    86. Tuba Fluguel
    87. Tubular
    88. Vibe Hit
    89. Vibes
    90. Voice Wave
    91. Voices
    92. Wait....
    93. Wind Bells
    94. Wire
    95. Zephir 2
    96. Piano Stack

  • Deluge Online Patch/Synth editor ( work in progress )

    drbourbon italyPosts: 8 February 20

    Here's a basic web app for patch sharing and "preview" upload:

    Logged in users can upload and download patches, and upload demo audio clips for their patches (wav files only, less than 16M). Clip playback directly from the browser.



    Since i'm web developer by profession, i threw together an online patch editor this morning.

    You can see a work in progress demo here:

    You can load a synth XML file from your deluge/SYNTHS folder, change parameters, and save xml file again. Ideally this would work realtime with a connected deluge. Also i would like to build an online patch exchange out of this.

    Mostly i'm missing descriptions and min/max parameters for values. Any clues would be welcome.
    You can also edit the schema.js if you know about JSON.


  • Yamaha DX7 Madness for Deluge

    Some crazy DX7 Presets converted for the Deluge. This is not a complete list of all the patches i converted, just some examples. You can sometimes hear mod and pitch wheel in effect, which are mapped to synth FX. Let me know if you're interested in these patches.


  • Complete Audio / Midi Bouncing - Ableton export

    I would rather see a "Freeze" function like in Ableton.
    You can freeze any track which creates a wav file and therefore requires 0 CPU. The wav files of all your frozen tracks would be in the /SAMPLES/FREEZE folder so you can export them easily.

    This way, you also gain the flexibility of saving a ton of CPU power in your songs, as you can quickly freeze and unfreeze tracks.

  • Boesendorfer HQ Piano Multi Sample Pack

    Based on the great pack from lcoustik.

    Here is a Boesendorfer sampled Piano which i created using lcoustik's kit as a base. Its velocity sensitive and has individual samples for each piano key.

    Copy the files in the zip file to your deluge sdCard folders.

    Sound demo recorded in deluge

    Song72B is a sample song with mapped keys to midi CH8, you don't need it if you have Song70 from lcoustik's kit.

  • Korg M1 T1/T2/T3 - All Legendary Sounds and Expansions for deluge 1.x

    And here are the sounds from the T1/T2/T3 (M1 Successors) for Deluge.


    Some problems of the previous release have been fixed.
    1. When you play multiple keys at full velocity, there is now less chance of digital clipping ( osc volumes have been reduced slightly )
    2. File naming is using letters A,B,C, so this doesn't use as many of your KIT slots.


    • 897 A.T.Rotary
    • 897A Accordion 1
    • 897B Accordion 2
    • 897C Analog
    • 897D Analog Brass
    • 897E Arco String 1
    • 897F Banjo
    • 897G Baritone Sax
    • 897H Brass Synth Halls
    • 897I Bright Synth
    • 897J Busy Talk
    • 897K Church Organ
    • 897L Clarinet
    • 897M Clav 2
    • 897N Click Organ
    • 897O Digi Organ
    • 897P Dist Guitar FB
    • 897Q DWGS Organ
    • 897R E.Guitar 2
    • 897S Famous Pad 1
    • 897T Famous Pad 2
    • 897U Fantasy 2
    • 897V Full Trem Organ
    • 897W Gamelan
    • 897X Glocken
    • 897Y Gospel Organ
    • 897Z Grand Harpsic
    • 898 Harmonica
    • 898A Harp
    • 898B Jazz Guitar
    • 898C Killer Horn
    • 898D Koto 2
    • 898E Mandolin
    • 898F Marimba
    • 898G Monsoon 2
    • 898H Music Box
    • 898I Mute Guitar
    • 898J Muted Guitar 2
    • 898K Neuromance Brass
    • 898L Oblivion
    • 898M Orch Pad
    • 898N Organ 4
    • 898O Organ 16' 22-3'
    • 898P Organ Ensemble
    • 898Q Pad Piano
    • 898R Perc Ethnic Kit
    • 898S Piano Stack
    • 898T Pipe Organ 1
    • 898U Pipe Organ 2
    • 898V Pizzicatto
    • 898W Pot Covers
    • 898X Power Of Synth
    • 898Y PSG 1
    • 898Z Res-Synth 1
    • 899 Santur
    • 899A Singuers
    • 899B Solo Violin
    • 899C Square Lead
    • 899D Square Pad 3
    • 899E Stabi Clav
    • 899F Strange
    • 899G Strings 2
    • 899H Strings 3
    • 899I Super BX3
    • 899J Synth Forte
    • 899K Timpani
    • 899L Trombone
    • 899M Wave Sweep 1
    • 899N Wave Sweep 5
    • 899O Whistler
    • 899P Wind Chimes
    • 899Q Z Lock Out
    • 899R Zeus Brass


  • Sidechaining external targets with midi cc

    I also miss sidechain for external synths. The only other way to get this would be via external sidechain compressor and the results wouldn't be as clean as the deluge could offer:

    The MIDI Track menu already has PGM, SUB, ARP, BNK etc

    So it could use another entry SIDE =>
    1. press to select the CC Number (0 to 127).
    2. press again to select direction that sidechain will affect the CC (-127 to 127)

    This way, we could link sidechain to an external synth VCA level or Filter freq CC. And different for each midi track. E.g. the novation peak has CC29 for Filter Frequency while other synths have different CC numbers.

    The sidechain value ideally has to be relative to the current CC value of the patch - I don't know if thats possible with MIDI in general. Otherwise it would need a 3. submenu where the base value can be set for the CC.


  • "Clean" synth for samples?

    Probably you have unison voices engaged, that will sound like phasing.
    Or you have modulation FX going on.

  • Korg M1 T1/T2/T3 - All Legendary Sounds and Expansions for deluge 1.x

    Sorry originally these were Korg samples and i couldnt get in touch with someone at korg for license clearing. There are free korg samples on legowelt but they arent as crisp as the original samples.