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Korg M1 T1/T2/T3 - All Legendary Sounds and Expansions for deluge 1.x [DEAD LINK - waiting]

fryyyyfryyyy germanyPosts: 154
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The Legendary Synth now for Deluge. Sampled by 0on3. Made with the DELUGE KIT GENERATOR.

KIT800.XML to KIT896.XML All sounds are DRY, apply FX to your own taste.
(Make sure you don't overwrite any of your kits accidentially between numbers 800 and 900)
SONG080.XML is mapped to MIDI CH 9.


T1/T2/T3 Expansion

PATCH LIST: (Patch 0 = KIT800.xml)

0 12-Strings
1. A.Bass
2. Analog Bass
3. Angels
4. Bambu Trem
5. Bell Ring
6. Block
7. BottleBell
8. Bottles
9. Brass 1
10. Brass 2
11. Choir
12. Clav
13. Cloud Nine
14. Digi-Bells
15. Digital 2
16. Digital 4
17. Digital 5
18. DistGuitar
19. Double Reed
20. Dream Pad
21. Drop
22. E.Guitar 1
23. E.Piano 1
24. E.Piano 2
25. E.Piano 3
26. E.Piano 4
27. Finger Snap
28. Flexatone
29. Flute
30. Frettless
31. FV Wave
32. Good & Bad
33. Guitar 1
34. Guitar 2
35. Hammer
36. Harpichord
37. Hells bells
38. Hold...
39. Kalimba
40. Koto Trem
41. Lore
42. Magic Organ
43. Magic Piano
44. Magician
45. Metal Hit
46. Mono Synth
47. Mute Trp
48. Nimbus
49. Oberture
50. Ooh# Ahs
51. Organ 1
52. Organ 2
53. Pan Flute
54. Pan Mallet
55. Pan Wave
56. Piano 8
57. Piano 16
58. Pick Bass
59. Pick Guitar
60. Ping Wave
61. Pipe Organ
62. Pluck
63. Pole
64. Pop
65. Rhythm
66. Rock Guitar
67. Sitar 1
68. Sitar 2
69. Slap Bass
70. Soft Horns
71. Solo Sax
72. Solo Synth
73. Stratos 2
74. String Rise
75. Strings
76. Surprise!!!
77. Symphonic
78. SynMallet
79. Synth Bass 1
80. Synth Bass 2
81. Synth Brass
82. Synthbass 3
83. Tenor Sax
84. Timp & Bells
85. Trumpet 2
86. Tuba Fluguel
87. Tubular
88. Vibe Hit
89. Vibes
90. Voice Wave
91. Voices
92. Wait....
93. Wind Bells
94. Wire
95. Zephir 2
96. Piano Stack

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    beakerbeaker AdelaideBeta Tester Posts: 41

    This is amazing work mate. Massive 80's flashback.

    I swear they sound better on the Deluge than on Korg's own Gadget. And apart from your effort, given the M1 had some of the snappiest, most transient and fastest attacks sounds of the era, this really shows off both how good the audio handling is on the Deluge, as well as just how quickly it streams of the SD.

    Absolutely zero key delay once they load (which is less than 1sec each).

    Hopefully we get pitch wheel and sustain pedal support for kits sometime (soon).
    Have noticed some voice stealing going on if I hold drone notes and play above them.
    This'll be a 'last note' priority side effect 'pose.

    Now, off to fiddle with some mod-wheel action, or delayed vibrato.

    ps: I tried doing something similar to you with MPC Live - and nearly had a mental breakdown LOL

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    fryyyyfryyyy germanyPosts: 154

    Thanks, glad you like it :smiley:

    I agree, the deluge is quite awesome for this, much better than the latency in VSTs. Also having all those sounds on the road is great. But I also noticed the deluge sometimes doesnt load new kits when you scroll for a while. Seems to be a memory / garbage collection issue. The only way to avoid a complete freeze is to create a new song with shift + new.

    I am extending the deluge kit generator, so you only need to drop a whole folder of samples. It will sort them by name, fill the blank notes, and create hundreds of kits automatically.

    I want to release the M1 expansions next.


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    maxmanmaxman HamburgPosts: 8

    this is amazing! thanks alot!

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    fryyyyfryyyy germanyPosts: 154
    edited June 2018

    And here are the sounds from the T1/T2/T3 (M1 Successors) for Deluge.


    Some problems of the previous release have been fixed.
    1. When you play multiple keys at full velocity, there is now less chance of digital clipping ( osc volumes have been reduced slightly )
    2. File naming is using letters A,B,C, so this doesn't use as many of your KIT slots.


    • 897 A.T.Rotary
    • 897A Accordion 1
    • 897B Accordion 2
    • 897C Analog
    • 897D Analog Brass
    • 897E Arco String 1
    • 897F Banjo
    • 897G Baritone Sax
    • 897H Brass Synth Halls
    • 897I Bright Synth
    • 897J Busy Talk
    • 897K Church Organ
    • 897L Clarinet
    • 897M Clav 2
    • 897N Click Organ
    • 897O Digi Organ
    • 897P Dist Guitar FB
    • 897Q DWGS Organ
    • 897R E.Guitar 2
    • 897S Famous Pad 1
    • 897T Famous Pad 2
    • 897U Fantasy 2
    • 897V Full Trem Organ
    • 897W Gamelan
    • 897X Glocken
    • 897Y Gospel Organ
    • 897Z Grand Harpsic
    • 898 Harmonica
    • 898A Harp
    • 898B Jazz Guitar
    • 898C Killer Horn
    • 898D Koto 2
    • 898E Mandolin
    • 898F Marimba
    • 898G Monsoon 2
    • 898H Music Box
    • 898I Mute Guitar
    • 898J Muted Guitar 2
    • 898K Neuromance Brass
    • 898L Oblivion
    • 898M Orch Pad
    • 898N Organ 4
    • 898O Organ 16' 22-3'
    • 898P Organ Ensemble
    • 898Q Pad Piano
    • 898R Perc Ethnic Kit
    • 898S Piano Stack
    • 898T Pipe Organ 1
    • 898U Pipe Organ 2
    • 898V Pizzicatto
    • 898W Pot Covers
    • 898X Power Of Synth
    • 898Y PSG 1
    • 898Z Res-Synth 1
    • 899 Santur
    • 899A Singuers
    • 899B Solo Violin
    • 899C Square Lead
    • 899D Square Pad 3
    • 899E Stabi Clav
    • 899F Strange
    • 899G Strings 2
    • 899H Strings 3
    • 899I Super BX3
    • 899J Synth Forte
    • 899K Timpani
    • 899L Trombone
    • 899M Wave Sweep 1
    • 899N Wave Sweep 5
    • 899O Whistler
    • 899P Wind Chimes
    • 899Q Z Lock Out
    • 899R Zeus Brass


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    beakerbeaker AdelaideBeta Tester Posts: 41

    Great idea on the file naming .. as it also allows for shift-select to jump to major numbers (non lettered slots), resulting in much quicker scrolling through kits.

    I've actually renamed the M1 ones as well .. breaking them into like-groups under the major number of the 1st in the group, then onto the next 'bunch'. This way I can still use your index as the major numbers still match up with your list.

    This just gets better all the time fryyyy !!

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    fryyyyfryyyy germanyPosts: 154
    edited June 2018

    Sounds cool :) We really should get KIT folders soon otherwise we run out of space.

    The Deluge Kit Generator has now an option to name multi-kits alphabetic. I will make a video soon to show the process, its quite easy and took me 5 mins to make these 100 kits. Also the script can now auto-assign midi CH to Kits. The hard part is now finding good samples.

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    AudioroticAudiorotic SeattlePosts: 21

    Nice work!
    Is there an easy way to assign these kits to an external midi keyboard?

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    AudioroticAudiorotic SeattlePosts: 21

    Just noticed the midi 9 for song 80. Can't seem to get it to see the sustain pedal though. Any tips?

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    fryyyyfryyyy germanyPosts: 154

    This is a limitation of the Deluge, it does not support CC controls for Kits. Also no pitch bend etc.
    Hopefully this will be fixed in deluge firmware 2.0

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    AudioroticAudiorotic SeattlePosts: 21


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    VJFranzKVJFranzK Los Angeles USAPosts: 126

    Well done, Thanks! o:) ( Perhaps this thread should be moved to the Sample Packs category? )
    This is a famously well rounded soundbank, and it adds some acoustic sounds to the Deluge.
    Still have my 01/W FD in storage! ( Design your own patches and save to - floppy disk! )

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    YouTube: VJFranzK

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    BeamBeam IrelandPosts: 26

    Thanks , really nice ,,great that warmth again.

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    atimchakatimchak Chicago, ILPosts: 22

    Hi gang - any chance someone would be willing to repost a link as the original link is down (well, now behind a paywall?) Pretty please? Thanks!

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    fryyyyfryyyy germanyPosts: 154

    Is there any place i could upload those where they will stay forever ?

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    VoltVolt Posts: 55

    I don’t know. But I‘m also very interested in downloading your stuff. Danke. ;)

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    symobjesymobje Posts: 2

    try google drive

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    triumphtriumph BcnBeta Tester Posts: 2

    Great work. I'm also really looking forward tro try it because the free download link has expired

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    VJFranzKVJFranzK Los Angeles USAPosts: 126

    Yes, G.Drive.
    I've used them now, great sonic memories.
    I notice that it takes a long time to load them, and a long time to save a Song containing them.
    I guess this is because each contains so many individual samples?

    I expect one way to speed this up would be to grab a single sample from the directory and use that as an Osc?

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    SamuelSamuel Rotterdam, NetherlandsPosts: 35

    Really hope these will come back online, would love to download them.

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,067

    what about
    Official Synthstrom User share?

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    Can some one relink or upload this please? :) :)

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    @fryyyy said:
    Here you go

    Unfortunately there's a paywall now. If you can re-upload them, I'm happy to add them to the Official Synthstrom share on Mega.

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    Praemolar24Praemolar24 DeutschlandPosts: 21

    The patches are still paywalled. Would you mind making the patches available online again? That would be so lovely...

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    RS2090RS2090 salt lake cityPosts: 2

    Will someone please upload and / or add to the mega?!W3wymIpY!NAXaVOCbaZxQOn5HkioKlQ

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    GrischaGrischa GermanyPosts: 2

    Reupload to google drive or dropbox would be great.

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    lunginlungin RusPosts: 0

    Hi guys, can someone re-upload it?

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    fryyyyfryyyy germanyPosts: 154
    edited November 2018

    Here you go
    Key: I5zvyMmGxCziAJwjKsii3A

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    @fryyyy said:
    Here you go
    Key: I5zvyMmGxCziAJwjKsii3A

    Thanks! It appears the T1 folder references samples in a folder called "M1 EXTRA" --which are missing. Can you upload these as well?

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