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  • Automation of Start and End points of a sample and different Looping options

    Hey all, what do you guys think about automating the Start and End sample points via realtime recording, LFO and parameter locks.

    This would open up the sound design side of the deluge, great for creating unusual sonic textures and cool wave type synthesis.

    I also would love to see a cross fade looping option which would allow sounds to be looped seamlessly, like the Simpler instrument found on Ableton.

    Cross fading between points would allow to smooth the loops points of any sound captured without having to painstakingly resort to using your ear to nail that perfect click-less loop. Besides, cross fading is also great for creating your own pad or lead sounds with ease.

    Let me know your thoughts on this!

  • Conditional Notes/Triggers

    It would be awesome to have the option to add a probability to each note/trigger. The user could choose between a percentage to pick randomly (33%, chance to play that note/trigger is 1/3) or a fraction (1/4 - note/trigger plays once and then not for 3 times).

    The Elektron Rytm has that feature and it adds so much to the sequencer (also saves from the need to make long sequences to leave out notes/triggers every x-th bar).

    around 1:32 here:

    page 44 (conditional locks) here:

  • SOLO track

    I would like an option to solo a track without jumping to track mode or individually muting the other tracks (assuming that's not already an option).
    It would make track selection for editing easier.

  • Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view

    Today's song view is a bit of waste of real estate. Every track gets a whole row, and there's not much utility in that. Yes, you do see the track length which is nice, but the price of that is, after 8 rows, you're out of space and need to start scrolling.

    A better implementation would be like Ableton Live's Session view, where each column represents a track and each row a scene. Each pad would then represent an entire track. Then there could be no need for confusing colors to designate which track belongs to which session. Rather, the "Audition" buttons would be used to launch an entire row

  • Compressor

    A compressor that can be used on both individual channels as well as on the master bus would be very handy for mixing and working with samples.


  • Global Defaults Menu

    I want to have an entire menu of global defaults, that will auto load and act upon as default upon even a blank track. I think this alone would fix a lot of problems people have especially for those who get sick of changing things every single time they add a new track etc

    Some ideas as an example:
    -Default Scale mode (Chromatic, etc)
    -Setting Default Track Voume
    -Setting Default Cutoff / Resonance
    -Setting Default Velocity On Note Entry
    -"Use last note" length (on/off)
    -"Use last note" velocity (on/off)
    -Sampling mode default upon load (loop/cut/stretch, etc)
    -Stretch Default Settings
    -Global Midi Controller Learn (This would allow us to set a global keyboard or midi in that would follow to note input whatever track we are currently looking at, also could be used to apply "same" mappings over controls we want to influence depending on what screen we are looking at)
    -Follow screen during play (
    -Zooming (auto/Free) Auto is the zooming mode we have now, free would be being able to zoom out past the pattern length
    -Duplicate mode settings (double all / double screen only) currently it doubles all
    -Mono synth note priority modes
    -Default Initial Track length
    -Default Initial Track Zoom
    -Change sequence time based on "longest" or "shortest" loop *

    *ADDED feature ideas

    Removed due to updates:
    X -RGB Light Brightness Default
    X -Cursor Settings (on/off), (Strobe on off) , (brightness), (color)
    X -Quantization (by zoom / free ) by zoom would make it default to what we have now, free would make it record the highest current quantization no matter what zoom (64th?)

  • Song Mode - Sections Palette to draw on the grid

    Here's my idea. So we could still have track and song view but if we press shift + song view, it would open up to showing all of the available song section colors on the right hand side as a palette. When we highlight the palette it could then be drawn in to the grid. The idea, is when we press play, it starts on the upper left hand grid pad, and as the song progresses, it will play the next pad to the right. This can repeat across the row until it ends and then continues on the next row down. So more or less we could draw in a blue intro section for pad 1, then hold it down on the grid and set the knob to repeat whatever we want. Then we choose the pink section for example a verse, and draw that in next. This way, we can rapidly arrange and orchestrate everything in a linear fashion and in turn we could easily reuse song sections.

  • Horizontal track shifting

    It would be nice to be able to rotate the notes horizontally sort of like a shift register. This is a very powerful tool to have when editing a track. You can slide all the notes for syncopation, you can shift a two-bar loop (or longer), so the first and second part switch places, and if you only like the second one, you can slide it over and then shorten the loop.

  • Option for an effects tail when unarming a track

    When you unarm a track there is no effects tail, in some cases and as I only use the inside synth, it is good to have an effects tail,
    Could there be somewhere an option in the menu to put this function on or off, it would be even better if we could choose this for every track if we want it on or not. It must be possible because if you stop the deluge with the play button you have an effects tails.

  • Copy and Paste function

    If we could copy and paste the part of the song we had in our current view, that would be great. For me it would save a lot of monotonous pad pushing.