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  • usable BPM settings

    oh and If you want to get a stereo chorus with losing the delay effect, set delay to following


  • am I patching correctly ?

    1. on a kit track select a sample/row/drum (same to me) by clicking the right audition pad
    2. push the main black encoder (next to the display) to get to editing of THAT selected drum sound
    3. choose OSC1 by pushing the encoder
    4. find the TRAN parameter again push the encoder
    5. you will see basic tune of selected drum/sample. It will be on 0.00 (you can manually pitch the sample by octave 12.0 down two octaves -24.0 etc but don’t do it now)
    6. push the knob again
    7. rotating the knob you see ALL modulation sources for frequency of the sample
    8. choose LFO1 and push again
    9. change the value from 0 to say 25
    10. you should hear the drum sample being changing pitch

    You can repeat this for LFP->FREQ PAN, almost ANY parameters that you see.

  • First post

    Never won anything in my life do I get a prize for this post?