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  • Deluge over Push 2?

    drawbacks are

    1 midi input, 1midi output.
    mirrored midi on usb
    only stereo output
    rudimentary effects
    tons of key combos
    12 track limit per song (clones and variations are included)
    tiny buttons
    awkward push knobs
    many steps to bring about a song change
    lack of a screen (not a deal breaker)
    manual that is unclear on several fronts
    no actual specs given in many instances
    no pitchbend or PC
    limited sample looping.
    no modulatable sample points
    focus on frivolous features (although im very impressed with 2.0 stuf coming up)
    lack of sequence control over stuff like stutter (not a deal breaker)

  • How does one delete an individual drum sound from a kit?

    A. Take the version of the kit before you added the hi-tom. Example kit=20b if you're messed one is named 20c.
    B. if you know how to edit XML files and you don’t have previous kit in format 20b:
    1. Remove SD card from deluge and put it in your computer
    2. go to the kit folder on your sd card (via computer)
    3. copy a kit file with problem e.g. KIT020.XML to KIT020A.XML
    4. Remove the sound section from the KIT020A.XML file
    5. It would be something like this:

        <sound> (starts at line 36 approx)
         sound definition here (approx 160 lines)
    1. Put the SD card back to deluge.
    2. Now you should see the new kit named 20A with no extra drum on the bottom. (Kick should be the first on the bottom)
      C. wait to hear from guys at synthstrom