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  • I'm crossing the streams this evening. Deluge midi slaved to OP-1, audio all routed through Deluge as well as all external sounds via the mic on the OP-1. Fun times.
  • Can someone comment on how membership to the beta group operates on this forum as opposed to facebook? I'm not seeing anyplace on the site to monitor "groups" or the equivalent. Do we just get a notification or a message when an iteration is availab…
  • I'd love to set a default scene so I could keep my midi assignments at ground zero and name/save freely from there. If I truly want to start from scratch I'd be just a "shift/new" away. I have created a template that I can call up but it would be gr…
  • You could combine these in lots of ways. A starting place might be to send midi from the Deluge into the digitakt and from the digitakt to the digitone. You can set the digitone to listen for midi channels 9,10,11 and 12 for it's four voices and use…
  • Darenger, any thoughts about starting/stopping recording via footswitch? Perhaps in the set up process, there could be an option at the same level as MANual for EXTernal triggering of start/stop recording. I'm certainly not as familiar with the limi…
  • The theory checked out, my OP-1 tempo was set to "beat match" and because it's connected via usb to the iconnect it was adding it's clock to the midi mix. Turned off beat match and I'm back in sync.
  • I'm thinking this has got to be the issue. Thanks for the ideas and sounding board folks!
  • It's over midi. I'm pretty sure it was back to normal when slaved to a Keystep. The strange part is that it was slaving as expected until recently. I had been rearranging some midi connections and I imagine it has something to do with my routing. Ke…
  • An issue I've been noticing is that the rate adjustment combined with the sync adjustment delivers inconsistent arps. It has to do with when the arp cuts off, it's not clean. Sometimes it includes different amounts of an additional arpeggiated note …
  • I was having trouble getting good sounds out of these waveforms until I realized that I should completely turn down the volume of the second oscillator which was turned up for some reason.
  • You guys ever heard of Word Replacer II? It's a chrome add on that allows you to enter any text for automatic replacement whenever you use the browser. So you can alter a person's handle every time it appears on your screen in any way you want. Pre…
  • Thanks for the reply, I just ordered yesterday and am very excited! I wonder if it would be possible to sacrifice stereo out and use the right channel as a dedicated audition channel, then set up a track panned right to audition via headphones co…