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  • Updated links (gdrive changed their permission system) main zip with .exe: python version:…
  • Updated links (gdrive changed their permission system) main zip with .exe: python version:…
  • Hey @rallat, feel free to upload it to github. Just share the link here. Thanks for contributing guys!
  • @punchedout to keep it short (as it's about the Deluge): I have a degree in computer science and have been coding a lot in the last 15 years - but definitely wouldn't call my Python coding elegant - lots of google'ing involved.
  • Sorry dude, can't help you than. Good luck. Let me know in case you find out what's happening there.
  • Mmmh can't really tell you why that happens. The script really just adds a bunch of modified copies of the mid.txt together. I guess the Deluge lines them up in the drum kit. Might be worth making two different drum kits on the Deluge and compare t…
  • It looks at the naming of the samples and sorts it based on that. If the naming isn't matching it has no way to know how to sort them (doesn't do any frequency analysis). Below are the different namings it would recognize. If I remember right it so…
  • No. The python version and the exe file are doing exactly the same thing. The exe file is just a wrapped version of the the python script to make it easier for users who don't have python installed. If you prefer to run the python version just do:…
  • Hmm works for me - python script and .exe file. I drop the exe file into the parent folder of my sample folders and type build.exe -s 200 Kits start from 200 upwards.
  • When you start the tool without anything it'll tell you all the options (see below). So build.exe -s 120 will start your numbers from 120. -s NO START GIVEN, USING: 100 -f NO FOLDER GIVEN, USING: C:\Users\HORSTM~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa0.5…
  • maybe it switches itself off when you hit 30 dislikes on the forum and use a sexist profile picture?
  • I'm just looking into this too. I'd say that 5 pin is actually easier. For USB you need a USB shield. Was playing with both options yesterday and was struggling to get USB working. If I got it right then it gets translated from USB into a serial str…
  • Yeah this is awesome. Thanks so much!
  • main zip with .exe: python version:…
  • Here are the files. Eeeeeh somehow this doesn't work. Are we not allowed to post .zip files? Not sure whats wrong. Hmmm - until then: Facebook. Sorry.