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  • Creating an open community platform?

    I was just about to start a thread about a similar thing. I was basically thinking since we're going through an amazing update of the firmware, why not have an equal update of the community interface as well.

    I would like to propose two things:

    1) Shutting down the Facebook groups: In addition to people not wanting to join Facebook, I find the search function on Facebook to be dismal at best. I frequently search for specific tips I know people have shared but the search function does not find them. As a result I have to make a redundant post. It's very difficult to reference things from the past there. Plus we can throw in all the political issues with Facebook.

    2) Replace this message boards software with the Discourse platform. These are the two communities I frequent the most online and they both use it for their forums:

    The amount of communication between developers and users is amazing, especially on the ER-301 forum and the way the beta firmware is tweaked and debugged there. It reminds me very much about the level of conversation between @Ian_Jorgensen / @rohan and the users, but in a substantially more elegant and useable forum. I recommend you take a second to check them out, they are really vibrant communities. I think having a Discourse platform as the main and singular forum for discussion around the Deluge would be beneficial for everyone.

    The synthstrom message board and Facebook groups are like the equivalent of Deluge 1.0, whereas Discourse is 3.0. Ha! ;) Just throwing it out there.

    That said, I totally get the hassle that Ian is talking about with the beta testing group and moving it over. Maybe there's a way of sharing a link with the beta group that automatically adds them to a group on a Discourse install.

    I would be happy to volunteer in any way to make this happen, whether that be setting up Discourse or going through the beta user list, etc. :)

  • Creating an open community platform?

    I can only imagine. Excited for those other projects as always!

    As I said, if you're looking for volunteers for moderators or whatever down the line, I'm totally game to assist.