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  • Different Kinds of Reverb

    If you're looking for inspiration on different kinds of reverb to implement later on, may I suggest checking out the algorithms that Tom Erbe used in the Erve-Verb by make noise. As far as I understand they are all based on simple delay taps and filters that feedback into themselves, so I imagine they would be light on processor power. He made some Max/MSP and PD versions of the patches and they sound amazing.;idno=bbp2372.2015.054

    And, while probably processor heavy, implementing some kind of convolution reverb would be wild. Have a folder where you store impulse responses or use samples recorded directly with the Deluge as impulse response. That would be fun! Ha!

  • True Custom Scales

    Currently the custom scale function of the Deluge tries to force entered notes into 7 or 8 tone scales. This is problematic when trying to use 5 or 6 tones scales such as Pelog or Hirojoshi. When I try to setup these scales on the Deluge currently by entering two octaves and the tones in between in chromatic mode, when I hit the scale button the Deluge tries to guess which 7 or 8 tone scale to apply and I end up seeing rows for notes that are outside of the scale.

    For a really specific example, let's say I want to work with a Hirojoshi scale in C. The scale formula for Hirojoshi is as follows:

    w | h | w+w | h | w+w

    So, I enter the following in Chromatic mode:

    C1 | D1 | D#1 | G1 | G#1 | C2

    When I hit scale I still see those notes, but I also see F1 and A#1 which are outside of the scale. I could remember to avoid those when sequencing but it would be great if I didn't see them at all, especially in a live scenario where the last thing I want to do is scale math.

    So, I think the custom scale mode would work best if after entering the notes in Chromatic mode hitting the scale button would only show the notes used in the sequence spanned across all the octaves. Ideally if a note was repeated at multiple octaves in the sequence while in chromatic mode that note would be assumed to be the root. But the currently existing root shifting capability works pretty great at correcting an incorrect guess by the Deluge.

    A bonus feature would be for the scale function to work similar to the Fold mode in Ableton where you are able to see only the specific notes entered and nothing else, not even the repeating octaves of those notes. So, for example if I entered a sequence with only:

    C1 | D2 | G3

    I would only see three rows for those exact notes, I wouldn't see C2, C3, etc or D1, D3, etc or G1, G2, etc. Aside from scale/melody usage, this would also be super useful when using external MIDI gear that use MIDI notes to trigger specific sounds, such as a drum machine like my Novation Drumstation. In that case, I only need to see C0 to D2 as that's the range that trigger the various drum sounds, every other MIDI note is useless and doesn't need to be visible.

    So maybe the way this could work is that when you hit SHIFT + SCALE and you scroll through the built in scales you would also have two more options for "Custom" (or i guess Cstm even the character length) and "Fold" which would engage the behaviours I've described above.

  • Microtonal Scales

    Title says it all, would be great to have microtonal scales. There are a bunch of VST synths, such as the Madrona Labs stuff, that can do it and a handful of hardware, most recently the Korg Monologue allows for microtonal scales. It would be a pretty unique functionality.

    I imagine it would be predominantly limited to the internal synth and possibly re-pitching the samples. Though it would be pretty crazy if it worked with the CV output. Not really compatible with MIDI in general, so don't worry about that.

    The way I envision it working is that you would have a folder in the root directory of the SD card named something like "CustomScales" and that's where you would place your scala files. Then after you tap through the 7 western scales built into the Deluge it would scan the folder and display the custom scales. Then in the keyboard mode or in the sequencer the octaves would be spaced depending on how many tones are in the scale. So, in a 5 tone scale the octaves would be every 5 notes/keys, etc.

  • Microtonal Scales

    In case you're looking for motivation on why microtonal would be slick af on Deluge, look no further:

  • Creating an open community platform?

    I was just about to start a thread about a similar thing. I was basically thinking since we're going through an amazing update of the firmware, why not have an equal update of the community interface as well.

    I would like to propose two things:

    1) Shutting down the Facebook groups: In addition to people not wanting to join Facebook, I find the search function on Facebook to be dismal at best. I frequently search for specific tips I know people have shared but the search function does not find them. As a result I have to make a redundant post. It's very difficult to reference things from the past there. Plus we can throw in all the political issues with Facebook.

    2) Replace this message boards software with the Discourse platform. These are the two communities I frequent the most online and they both use it for their forums:

    The amount of communication between developers and users is amazing, especially on the ER-301 forum and the way the beta firmware is tweaked and debugged there. It reminds me very much about the level of conversation between @Ian_Jorgensen / @rohan and the users, but in a substantially more elegant and useable forum. I recommend you take a second to check them out, they are really vibrant communities. I think having a Discourse platform as the main and singular forum for discussion around the Deluge would be beneficial for everyone.

    The synthstrom message board and Facebook groups are like the equivalent of Deluge 1.0, whereas Discourse is 3.0. Ha! ;) Just throwing it out there.

    That said, I totally get the hassle that Ian is talking about with the beta testing group and moving it over. Maybe there's a way of sharing a link with the beta group that automatically adds them to a group on a Discourse install.

    I would be happy to volunteer in any way to make this happen, whether that be setting up Discourse or going through the beta user list, etc. :)

  • Creating an open community platform?

    I can only imagine. Excited for those other projects as always!

    As I said, if you're looking for volunteers for moderators or whatever down the line, I'm totally game to assist.