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  • Envelopes (decay time) finer adjustment?

    Hi! One thing that I notice almost every time sculpting a sound, is that the difference in sound from "0" to "2" on the Decay time parameter is really quite huge, and it would be great being able to do finer adjustments of the short decay time, to get it where you actually need it to be. Does anyone agree? The result would be a much snappier envelope. This sounds like it could be an easy firmware update? (hopefully!) :)

  • ADSR = finer increments wanted overall

    After having the deluge since a few years, I really wish it was possible to set the envelope 1 and 2 parameter value more to your liking. The audible difference between parameter value 1-3 (is it to 50?) is very big and it's very difficult to set your desired transient to where you want it to be. OT but similarly on certain fx (saturation) the initial values are just too wide from one another, a smoother transition with finer increments would be a BIG update soundwise for the deluge, for producers that care about details in sound design.

  • Sample Start as Mod destination

    Hi Delugers. First of all sorry if this has alrready been debated, I did a search and did not find any mention of it. I am loving the 2.0 update and feel as if this is a pretty much perfectly operating box, massively impressed. One thing that would be absolutely great to see implemented (that I always use to a great extent on other samplers), is the ability to set mod sources to sample-start point. I thought I'd seen a mention of this coming, but perhaps I was wrong. Really great for anything, from crazy wild manipulating or just setting subtle variations to hihats using the random source, for example. It really makes sample sequences more "alive".

    At current time I noted that you also get a "can't" message when trying to assign sample start to a custom knob.

    Big greets.

  • Comb filter type

    Pretty self explanatory. Effect would exist alongside other filter types. Gold knob 1 would adjust frequency and Gold knob 2 would adjust feedback level, where value 0 would introduce no audible effect

  • Timing shift (backwards/forwards) per sample row, MPC style but better because Deluge.

    Zoom into 64th > hold down up/down arrow-knob > turn left/right arrow-knob

  • "Rainbowz" Eurorack Multisample I made

    If you ever have the energy to make more of these with various waveforms you like on Plaits, please do so - the sound is brilliant and super usable!