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  • Use Deluge as a grid midi controller.

    It would be a nice feature if you could put the Deluge in a mode in which each button and knob sent out specific midi messages and also reacted to incoming midi message. Better yet would be the ability to send OSC.

    With this you could use the Deluge like a Monome Grid with MaxMSP, norns, or a DAW.

    The grid pads could send out note on messages on midi channel 0. x 1, y 1 = note 0, x 16 y 16 = note 127. The pads could respond to incoming midi messages using the velocity for color, velocity 0 = off, velocity = 127 = on, velocity [1-126] = color.

    The knobs and other buttons could send out on another midi channel.

  • Moog Matriarch Wavetables

    To experiment with the new wavetable features I decided to make some custom wavetables by sampling my Moog Matriarch.

    Here is a collection of 24 wavetables:

    I've included some basic shapes from the main oscillators as well as shapes from the main LFO Oscillator. There's multiple versions of these: raw waveforms, crossfade morph, and spectral morph.

    There's also PWM, SuperSaws, Noise, and also Single Cycle Wavetables. The idea with the Single Cycle Wavetables is that there is multiple versions of the sample shape, each is slightly different since it's from an analogue oscillator, so maybe by quickly sweeping it you can get an analogue feel.

    I created these by sampling into Ableton, then trimming the audio at zero crossings and using Serum to process them into a wavetable.

    Additionally, here's a bass pad preset I made with a wavetable I created from a growly bass patch I had a sample of

  • Moog Matriarch Wavetables

    I found out that the Deluge always interpolates between waveforms, so the basic shapes waveforms that only have a couple waves are no different from the faded ones. I've fixed this by duplicating subtables, so the waveforms will be stepped as you sweep through them. I also baked in the spectral and crossfade versions, as I realized Serum was not saving the morph subtables when exporting. I have reuploaded replacing zip in original link.

  • Moog Matriarch Wavetables

    Here's some vocal wavetables I made of the word "Deluge" one is from Vital's TextToSpeech function, the other is derived from a sample of BoBeats saying "Deluge" during a video