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  • I found out that the Deluge always interpolates between waveforms, so the basic shapes waveforms that only have a couple waves are no different from the faded ones. I've fixed this by duplicating subtables, so the waveforms will be stepped as you sw…
  • Here's some vocal wavetables I made of the word "Deluge" one is from Vital's TextToSpeech function, the other is derived from a sample of BoBeats saying "Deluge" during a video…
  • I too would love a step record mode. I like bleurgh's shift+keyboard idea to enter the mode. When in the mode, the top row of buttons can represent the steps and the other rows below would display the normal keyboard. To enter a note, hold …
  • Awesome script, thanks for this! I just grabbed and ripped my entire Maschine Library to numbered samples, then used the Kit Generator Script which I modified to add the sounds in numbered order, rather than autosort th…
  • +1 from me. This one seems straight forward and obvious to implement.
  • Big +1 from me! I'm colorblind, so the current song view can get confusing as to which part is which. I might want to change my drum beat, but accidentally end up changing my melody, and so forth. The arranger is awesome and helps a bunch, but f…
  • Received the Amazon Basics GoPro Case, unfortunately due to the rounded corners it does not fit. It does however fit my Elektron Digitone quite nicely, so I'm keeping it.
    in Case? Comment by Quixotic7 June 2018
  • @Vondragonnoggin Thanks for the 48002 suggestion. I found this Amazon Basics GoPro case for $15 that should fit pretty well. Measures 13 by 9…
    in Case? Comment by Quixotic7 June 2018
  • FYI! I ordered a MAGMA 48003 based on this thread and it appears to have been redesigned and is now 6 inches wide and will not fit the Deluge. The Deluge measures 12x8x2 inches BTW.
    in Case? Comment by Quixotic7 June 2018