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Use Deluge as a grid midi controller.

Quixotic7Quixotic7 Point Richmond, CABeta Tester Posts: 13

It would be a nice feature if you could put the Deluge in a mode in which each button and knob sent out specific midi messages and also reacted to incoming midi message. Better yet would be the ability to send OSC.

With this you could use the Deluge like a Monome Grid with MaxMSP, norns, or a DAW.

The grid pads could send out note on messages on midi channel 0. x 1, y 1 = note 0, x 16 y 16 = note 127. The pads could respond to incoming midi messages using the velocity for color, velocity 0 = off, velocity = 127 = on, velocity [1-126] = color.

The knobs and other buttons could send out on another midi channel.


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    ChicoChico PortugalBeta Tester Posts: 12

    This would be fantastic. I have a Norns and the Deluge's grid layout is just asking to play with it..!

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    DannoHungDannoHung Posts: 11
    edited February 2021

    I just got a Norns shield and this would be awesome since a lot of the packages are set up to work with the Monome Grid (like this super nifty one). The Deluge encoders could probably also take the place of Monome Arc (well, for some purposes, I don't think the individually addressable LEDs for that would translate) if such an adaptation were made.

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