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  • Option to auto-stop recording after end of bar

    __Make an option (maybe on/off in the settings, or some sort of shortcut to activate this) to record until the end of the bar - after that the record button should automatically turn off._

    Hey, I am pretty sure that when it loops back around, so long as you stop turning knobs and tapping buttons, it does stop any further recording but the record button stays alight in case you do decide to add more modulation or sample hits or whatever?

    For example, I entered a fast 16th hi hat pattern. Then hit record and modulated the volume knob throughout the clip. I stopped touching the volume knob at the end of the set sequence length (8 bars in this instance) and when it loops back around, it now continues to play the pattern with the recorded volume modulation, doesn't record anymore AND the record button is still lit waiting for new modulation or to be turned off manually. I'm still learning so I might be wrong but this is what it seems like is happening... :)

  • Wanted: Custom Global Launch Quantize Settings [SONG VIEW]

    I would like to be able to set Global Launch Quantization to 4 bars (for example) which gives me a familiar amount of time (everytime) to perform tweaks during a transition. Otherwise if you have longer samples playing, it's hard to get the transition almost never occurs when you want it to. Especially a problem when you start jamming with 32 bar long samples/loops etc. Yes you can use the "ADJUSTING ARMED COUNTDOWN ON THE FLY" functionality but then you are focused on setting that thing right and not performing tweaks for your transition.

  • Loop playback timing problem

    I too am having unexpected behaviors with stretch mode similar to yours. I haven't really had the time or patience to troubleshoot too deeply and have not touched my Deluge in about 9 months.... but I did notice sometimes if you load a sample into a KIT slot and then change it to "STRETCHED" mode, you then have to delete and then redraw the midi trigger (start point for the loop/sample) into the KIT window again and this will make the loop/sample fit as it should. It's as if you need to set the KIT slots to whatever mode you intend to use prior to loading the sample into it (if that is possible).

    Anyways I hope this helps somewhat. I'm gearing up to get back into the Deluge again once I return from my holiday this weekend so hopefully can work this stuff out then.

  • Deluge as a clock for external instruments

    Do you perhaps need to have a click track (say a 4/4 kick drum with volume turned down) playing at all times to keep sending your timing to the modular gear? Not sure how all the modular/CV stuff works to be honest just a thought. Or maybe try plugging a 9-12v DC power supply into the Deluge and see if that helps?