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  • How do I make realtime synth parameter changes apply to all tracks that use the same synth preset?

    Firmware version 2.1.4

    If anyone can help me here, you'd be my hero as this is driving me absolutely crazy. To help make my point, I will first illustrate a simple workflow using an external MIDI synth, which works as expected, and then I'll compare that to using the Deluge's internal synth (which doesn't work as expected):

    First, I've got an external synth (let's say it's my Virus TI) connected to the MIDI Out of the Deluge. I create two tracks on the Deluge and set them both to Channel 1A—this means that both tracks will output their notes on Channel 1, but only one of the tracks can play at a time. On the first track, I program a simple pattern that will basically be repeating itself for the majority of the song. On the second track, I program a variation that I will want to trigger from time-to-time to spice things up (like a drum fill, but on the synth part).

    I press play on the Deluge and play track 1 to the Virus. The Virus is playing the notes I've programmed and, while it's playing, I start to twist the knobs on the Virus to change the sound, like opening up the filter or increasing distortion (the exact parameters don't matter—this is just an example). Now, when I get to the point on the song where I want to spice things up, I trigger track 2 on the Deluge. The new part starts playing to the Virus while the previous part stops. The critical bit: The new part is playing on the Virus using the same/current state of its parameters. For example, if I had slowly increased the filter cutoff to 127 while track 1 was playing and then triggered track 2, now track 2 would be playing the sound with the filter cutoff still at 127. "The new track picks up where the last one left off" in terms of the sound it's playing (which is natural, of course, since the Virus has just been receiving MIDI notes and doesn't have any idea of which "track" this came from on the MIDI host).

    Now, let's compare this to the same process with the Deluge's internal synth:

    I set up two tracks on the Deluge and set them to the same preset. As above, because the two tracks (supposedly) share the same preset, only one of the tracks can be playing at any given time. Track 1 is the basic repeating part and track 2 is again the spicy "interesting/fill-in" part.

    I press play on the Deluge and play track 1. While it's playing, I start to increase the cutoff on the synth to make the sound brighter. Then, when I get to the point in the song where I want to spice things up, I trigger track 2. Track 2 starts to play but jumps back to the original preset sound before I had started tweaking the cutoff. As a result, this wonderful build-up I'd created with the first track is suddenly killed when the synth reverts to playing the original mellow sound with the second track.

    The reason for this, it seems, is that, the moment I tweak the cutoff when playing track 1, this instantly and automatically creates a "dirty", "temporary", or "alternate" version of the synth preset (which can be seen by the preset suddenly getting an "A" suffix added to its number). Even though it looks like tracks 1 and 2 are sharing the same preset since only one track can play the synth preset at any time and because they both have "A" in their names, they're actually not sharing it at all since tweaks applied to the preset on one track aren't "shared" with any other tracks using the same preset; each track just has its own copy of the preset which doesn't actually stay in sync across tracks. Thus, the musically-expressive and intuitive workflow that is possible with an external MIDI synth is not possible with the internal synths (as far as I can tell).

    Am I missing something? Is there a way to get multiple tracks that are sharing the same preset to also share any real-time changes made to that preset?


  • Where to download the Deluge Firmware?

    All fixed! Got the firmware from someone on the FaceBook group. Deluge is now alive!