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Mapping functions to MIDI CC values rather than Note


Is it possible to map things like track on/off buttons or drum sample mute/unmute to Midi input that's specifically CC values, rather than note? I recently purchased a foot controller that I thought I could use for that purpose but it turns out it only sends CC values and not Note, and I haven't been able to map it to anything using the learn function (I was able to do so easily with my keystep).

Is it possible to do what I'd like to do here or can I only map those functions to midi Note commands?



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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,070

    dont think its possible. there are a few CC via global settings for stop, start and such.
    CCs would be more natural than notes, I concur. for visualizing on/off states most midi controllers cant provide a led toggle with notes. most do with CCs.

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    Nuts, that's too bad. Pretty much all of the foot controllers I've come across transmit CC and not Note so that's a huge bummer!

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    duelinmarkersduelinmarkers Austin TX USPosts: 137

    It seems like a fairly easy enhancement to support both notes and CCs for more (or all) control learnings (maybe except for notes). Might be worth a suggestion thread, if there isn't one already.

    Should 0-63 be off and 64-127 on? Or should any rise in value turn on and any fall turn off?

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    I posted a thread for an enhancement, hopefully they consider it!

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    recursorrecursor UKPosts: 32

    hi folks, was this Midi CC mapping request kinda sorted with the 3.0 firmware? (albeit still not allowing midi notes?) i've been reading the manual but I'm not quite sure what wording has been added since 3.0 and what was there prior. On page 75's Midi Control section it lists:

    Some MIDI commands are song-specific. With them, you can:
    - Launch a given clip or section
    - Mute / unmute a row belonging to a clip in clip view

    So it sounds like a footpedal would indeed now control the playback/muting of a clip - but I'm struggling to understand how you'd select that clip or section of clips with the footpedal to switch between them? Perhaps you have to revert to using hands to press a mute on the clip? :/

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