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Allow MIDI Learn to recognize CC values (not just Note) for commands like mute, pattern play


Currently the Deluge does an excellent job of mapping certain functions to an external MIDI controller like a Keystep. Using that I'm easily able to trigger patterns on and off and mute parts of a drum kit. This works because these functions recognize MIDI notes. What unfortunately does not work is mapping the same controls to MIDI CC input.

I've since discovered that most existing MIDI foot controllers only send CC values rather than notes, and the one I have doesn't allow you to send note values at all. This is huge bummer since I was hoping to use that to trigger patterns while I play guitar and stuff.

I know you're coming out with a foot controller soon but there is still a sizeable market of controllers out there now that could use this support!


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    recursorrecursor UKPosts: 19

    hi there. i think i've just fallen into this. i bought a used Line 6 FBV MKII footcontroller. it's got a bunch of midi parameters (MIDI CC / BANK / PROGRAM / MMC / MACKIE) the latter two offer PLAY / STOP / RECORD etc but having just spent an hour or so with the software trying every combination i can't get the Deluge to recognise the output.

    it's connected fine, 'MIDI' appears on the deluge when it's connected along with the DC power. frustrating, i hadn't realised that it appears to accept notes only!!

    be interested to know if you found a way around it with any other pedal.

    Line 6 pedal manual here if it's of interest to anyone reading... MkII Series Controller Advanced User Guide - English (%20Rev%20B%20).pdf

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