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June 2018 Community Newsletter

Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 536
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In this newsletter

  • Deluge Europe (and Australia) Tour!
  • 2.0 Deluge Software Currently with Beta Testers - We List the Features!
  • Coming to America!
  • Red Means Recording
  • Lots More Great User Videos
  • Amazing Superbooth Response

Europe (and Australia) Summer 2018 Tour!

We’ve been planning this for a while and are super excited to be spending a few weeks soon traveling Europe doing all sorts of things; giving some presentations, doing demo’s and workshops, throwing parties and eating plenty of pastries.

Ian (me) from Synthstrom Audible is visiting Zurich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Haarlem, Eindhoven, Cologne, Bristol, London, Brighton, Paris, Athens and Meteora. Popping into Melbourne and Sydney on the way.

Click here ( for more details or if you're a Facebooker, go here ( instead.

If you’re a Deluge user in London or Berlin and keen to play at our parties there, please reply to this email to get in touch! Just bring your SD.

2.0 Deluge Software Currently with Beta Testers

Maybe you’ve heard by now, from the Superbooth videos, or our excited posts but we have a big update underway that is with beta testers this very minute and on track for a June release. This update is the culmination of many months of work under-the-hood.

Not only has Rohan greatly optimised the CPU and RAM usage on the Deluge to increase the amount of voices, tracks and effects playable at once but it includes potentially the biggest new feature on the Deluge yet - our new “Arranger” mode, which is not just one feature but an entire suite of tools - an entirely new way of working on the Deluge for those who like to structure and create dense compositions.

There is lots more too, so what’s coming in 2.0?

  • Song “Arranger" mode
  • 30 - 50% or more improvement to CPU efficiency (i.e. more voices)
  • Around 30x more RAM available for working on a song
  • New analog-modelling synth engine features (new “drive” filter and two new analog emulation oscillator types)
  • Effect tails may now be heard even after a track finishes playing
  • MIDI CC, pitch bend, and channel aftertouch recording, sequencing and output.
  • MIDI note outputs within "kits"
  • Velocity for note creation and auditioning defaults to that of the last sequence-note touched
  • Option to silently select samples while previewing

Coming to America!

Yip, yip! I (Ian) am heading to the US later this year (Aug/Sep) to do some workshops and parties. Get in touch and email me ( if you’re keen to host an event, or play at one! Cities I’ll be visiting: LA, San Fran, Portland, Seattle, NYC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Red Means Recording video

We’ve been longtime fans of Jeremy’s YouTube channel, so it was no surprise that when he got his hands on a Deluge he just casually smashed out perhaps the best example of workflow on the Deluge online. Check it out:

User Performance Videos

As usual our users have been producing and releasing some great videos, from songs to tutorials, here are a just a few:

Dolo Jones - Always

Phunk! - Finally

Great tutorial on sampling workflow on the Deluge

200 free patches for the Deluge

Amazing example of a linear workflow creating a five minute composition on just a singular track

Some more great acid and techno from Shimanski Beats

Onslaught of Superbooth Videos

It was so amazing to meet so many other manufacturers and meet so many of our users in person! I had a great time and we've been overwhelmed with orders since, having to enact a short-term 3-4 day delay between ordering and shipping as we catch up.

Though I can't watch myself due to the massive cringe factor, we were honoured so many amazing blogs and news sites made their way to our stall to see the Deluge. You can see videos of my awkward Superbooth demos here:


Les Sondiers

Sound on Sound

Bedroom Producers Blog

Synth Anatomy


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    fluteheadflutehead Frankfurt, GermanyPosts: 36

    Cool - looking forward to meeting you in Frankfurt!

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    rdorscherdorsche New York, USAPosts: 10

    If you're keen to come to a location 3 hours NW of NYC to a major synth event anywhere in the window of Sept 7-9 2018, let me know. We can provide you with a workshop and 30-minute performance slot. I'm the lead organizer; the website's not up yet but it will be soon. NorthEast EM Fest 2018, in Homer, NY (near Ithaca). Sept 7-9, 2018. A real-world gathering. And oh yeah... I'm a Deluge owner.

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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 536

    @rdorsche Cheers, I was initially planning on being at Knobcon those exact dates, but perhaps I could hang out at yours on the 7th, then go to Chicago on the 8th, drop me a line:

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    OdoSendaidokaiOdoSendaidokai BerlinPosts: 305

    YAY! I'm there in Berlin, but just listening (very happy) ;)

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    obroobro Vancouver, CANPosts: 2
    edited May 2018

    @Ian_Jorgensen feel like taking a couple hour jaunt up from Seattle to Vancouver? Canada desires your presence!

    Post edited by obro on
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    Djefx001Djefx001 New YorkPosts: 4

    Hi, is great news about the beta test and that Synstrom coming to NYC.
    Really nice..

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    mbangmbang Gothenburg, SwedenPosts: 61

    Love the coming update already - when is it scheduled to be released? I can´t wait!
    How does one get on the beta-list btw? Is it even possible when one does not use facebook?

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    JoelPujolJoelPujol BarcelonaPosts: 4

    @mbang said:
    Love the coming update already - when is it scheduled to be released? I can´t wait!
    How does one get on the beta-list btw? Is it even possible when one does not use facebook?

    Looks like the FB forum is more active (would prefer the other way, but it's not necessary bad). Wondering why no answer to your question for the last 2 weeks... Anyway, you probably know, @mbang, that there is a beta tester group in FB you can request to join.
    Also, looking forward an update on the release date.

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    bast525bast525 Virginia Beach, VA, USAPosts: 21

    Got an email from Rohan last night, in regards to some other questions I had, but I did ask about the 2.0 update as well and he mentioned I could go to the FB for the beta test but then he said "we're going to be releasing in the next few days anyway." So... there's that.

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