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One big deal feature: “On the fly scale per track / step time division / play head speed”

PhilPhil MontréalBeta Tester Posts: 105

The market is clearly seeking for this, and by market I mean electronic musicians, and with recent hype for devices like elektron gear (though only on OT and m:sample WT...?!!), OP-Z, modular synths, ios fugue machine etc etc, and now demonstrated at superbooth 19 with soma 23.
—>One want to change on the fly, call it as you will, scale per track, step time division, playhead speed per track/drum part. No menu diving.
This is a major key feature to creating evolving live grooves.
Audio and midi!

A few threads have been pointing this out. Feel free to link. I really think that we need to bring more attention to that.


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