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Sequence direction/note order manipulation like Squid/Spectralis/Engine/Pyramid/Carbon sequencers


I’m sure this has been suggested somewhere but couldn’t find it.

I was watching the new marketing video for the new Pioneer Squid sequencer and the live play variations and it reminded me how fun my Spectralis is in this regard as well as the options I’ve seen with Squarp Pyramid, Social Entropy Engine, Kilpatrick Audio Carbon and a few modular based sequencers.

The Deluge could easily do this I think. Being able to forward/reverse/randomize/template manipulate a midi sequence live would add some great Live Play variations to what might be an otherwise stagnant midi loop on a track. Would be cool in track view to have these options. Jump into track mode, select a track for the track view, then mix it up crazy while retaining original midi sequence pattern in memory.

The new Pioneer Squid is somewhat limited in resolution and is a sequencer only, but at $600 it is comparably priced for its competition (Engine/Carbon/Pyramid come to mind immediately as direct competition) and Live Play features look really fun, but think the Deluge would be a prime candidate for this type of sequence manipulation too.


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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware placePosts: 180

    Yes, there are probably a lot of sequencing and play modes that would be great on Deluge - x,y playback, ping pong, rotate etc, the Tenori On had some quite novel stuff too which would probably work well on the Deluge UI.

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    This needs more upvotes!
    I'd like to have those manipulations permanent as well to create variations of a sequence quickly. For example:
    Create a 1 bar sequence, duplicate it, interpolate the length over 4 bar (copy, paste) and reverse it -> instant harmonics.

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